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The perfect 3-day Kochi itinerary

Cochin or Kochi is the main financial center of Kerala. The densely populated cosmopolitan city has a major port and it’s known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. The city was also an important trading center for spices in the past. The Portuguese, Dutch, and English ruled Kochi, which has given the city a unique flavor. Various international and Indian communities have lived in harmony for centuries. Kochi has a unique culture. Tourists can get an insight into Indian history and trade when they visit this fascinating travel destination. There are several places to visit in Kochi that will …

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culture in india

Culture in India — deep dive into authentic Indian experiences

Asia, a vast tapestry of cultures, traditions, and histories, has long been a beacon for travelers seeking the unknown. Each corner of this expansive continent tells a story, a tale of ancient civilizations, of traditions passed down through generations, and of landscapes that have witnessed the passage of time. Amidst this mosaic of experiences, there lies India — a gem that shines with brilliance all its own. Nestled in the heart of south-central Asia, India stands as a testament to diversity. It’s not just one of the world’s largest countries by landmass, but also cradles a staggering 17.07% of the …

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