Top 5 must-visit green travel destinations

Are you dreaming of walking barefoot across verdant pastures, lush green meadows, and exotic wildflowers? Spring and summer are the ultimate seasons to rejoice in greenery, vibrant blooms, and rich floral aromas dominating the air. And there are many beautiful green travel destinations to choose from!

When one thinks of greenery, images of beautiful American national parks, Scottish highlands, and the Swiss Alps flood the mind. Nature lovers desire nothing more than to surround themselves with landscapes that merge dense forests with towering snow-laced peaks. Below, I’ve created a delightful roundup of breathtaking green travel destinations to inspire your greenery-seeking travel pursuits.

Take a look at the best green travel destinations:

great smoky mountains green travel destinations
Great Smoky Mountains, one of the best green travel destinations

1. The Great Smoky Mountains, USA

There isn’t a more diverse and versatile landscape to experience the vibrance of greenery, surrounded by majestic peaks and cascading waterfalls. The Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee’s crown jewel of natural beauty, are brimming with rip-roaring outdoor adventures. Activities to experience the wilderness are genuinely abundant, from rock climbing and trekking to water sports and ziplining.

The region is sprawling over 500,000 acres of lush, verdant meadows with a picturesque backdrop of the rolling hills. The Great Smokies invite adventurers to explore over 800 nature trails laden with exotic wildflowers and alpine meadows. The Appalachian Trail is the most rejuvenating nature trail to experience wildlife and the local flora and fauna.

Serenity-seekers prefer heading over to the quaint and peaceful landscape of Wears Valley, famous for its old-world charm. Families and honeymooners enjoy the Wears Valley cabin rentals that provide the most breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains. You will get to experience both unparallel comfort and luxurious amenities in these cabins. The valley is also famous for its warm and vibrant community, artisanal shops, and relaxing ambiance.

2. Hunan, China

China is a breathtaking country, and each province offers a distinctive terrain and a strikingly stunning landscape. Hunan, nestled in the south of central China, is a delightfully green treasure trove of rolling hills and snow-laced mountains. Hunan’s name loosely translates into South of Lake, referring to the province’s proximity to the magnificent Lake Dongting.

The verdant and vibrant region of Wulingyuan will delight you with its scenic expanse and the picturesque Xiang River. The province is laden with intriguing historical and heritage sites and an exotic culture that fascinates travelers with its mysteries. Wulingyuan is one of the best green travel destinations for long walks along cascading streams and scenic gorges if greenery is all you desire.

The region is brimming with national parks, streams, gorges, waterfalls, sandstone structures, and mysterious caves. Hunan is a treasure trove of towering mountains and water bodies, making it China’s most picturesque destination. The tea fields and orchards are a must-visit to experience the local farmlands and lush countryside.

zermatt green travel destinations
Zermatt, one of the best green travel destinations

3. Zermatt, Switzerland

The rich and dewy shades of summer transform Switzerland’s chilly and frosty expanse into a vibrant burst of colors. Zermatt is an utterly and insanely magnificent experience with the summer hues in full-bloom; there’s truly nothing like it. We all love winter wonderlands, but summertime in Zermatt is magical, whimsical, and straight out of a fairytale.

The snow-laced peaks appear carved onto a platter of dewy green alpine meadows blending into a canvas of azure blue lakes. The landscape is picture-perfect and dreamy, and staying indoors is incredibly hard. One wants nothing more than to take long strolls along the cobbled streets, admiring the scenic vistas all-around.

Amazingly, Zermatt will land you right at the base of the majestic Matterhorn peak. The region is home to unbelievable beauty and sprawling with breathtaking nature trails and beginner-friendly treks. Kayaking is a popular activity in Zermatt, amongst other water sports and outdoorsy adventures.

azores portugal green travel destinations
Azores Islands with lots of beautiful green travel destinations

4. The Azores, Portugal

The Azores welcomes travelers to explore a lesser-known and unpretentiously wild expanse of the Atlantic coastline. Portugal’s hidden gem, the Azores, is an archipelago of nine beautiful islands. This stunning region is home to incredible diversity, from lush meadows and picturesque waterfalls to volcanoes, verdant valleys, and hot springs.

Nature lovers and outdoorsy travelers have much to rejoice in the adventurous region of the Azores. Wildlife enthusiasts and avid birdwatchers flock to the islands to enjoy rare sightings of dolphins, whales, and uncommon birds. The islands win over serenity-seekers with their quaint, laid-back charm and eco-friendly travel initiatives.

Interestingly, the Azores doesn’t have a single resort, and the travel accommodations encourage mindfulness and nature conservation. The food presented to guests is locally sourced, prepared with heirloom Portuguese recipes that are dreamily delicious. The Azores is highly recommended for eco-conscious travelers and those who wish to transform their lifestyles while visiting green travel destinations.

5. Horseshoe Valley Park, Brazil

Do you want to prance around picturesque nature trails with capuchin monkeys, furry coatis, and azure jays? Or perhaps, you’d like to test your rock climbing skills with challenging rock formations lining up the majestic canyon?

Brazil’s Horseshoe Valley Park beckons adventurers with a wealth of outdoor escapades and wildlife interactions. The region is home to rare and exotic wildlife species, pine forests, and vibrant greenery. The Arroio Cacador waterfall is indeed the most stunning gem in this wondrous treasure trove of natural beauty.

The valley opens up a delightful array of nature walks and hiking trails that take you deep into the wilderness of these green travel destinations.


In 2021, ecotourism and green-focused adventures are a massive trend exploding in travel circuits worldwide. Nature and wildlife conservations are growing amazingly, giving travelers scores of opportunities to learn and explore. We urge you to find your adventure by looking deep within your heart and connecting with your desires. Remember, the adventure you desire is eagerly awaiting you in beautiful green travel destinations.

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