Malta travel: a brief introduction

Malta’s beautiful archipelago packs in many great experiences. The country is also a great place to go if you’re traveling on a budget. Here’s a brief introduction to what you can expect when you go on your Malta travel adventure!

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What’s the most affordable way to get to Malta?

A lot depends on where you are coming from, but Malta offers plenty of options in terms of traveling on a budget. And if you’re up for an adventure, you’re bound to have one.

Flying in is the most common Malta travel option. You can fly to Malta directly from many European cities. Not all airlines fly there throughout the whole year, but it is still possible to find tickets for around €50-€100 at almost any time.

An alternative to flying is to take the ferry. Ferries leave regularly from Sicily, and ticket costs vary according to the season.

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What are the best places to visit in Malta?

Malta is filled with rich cultural experiences with lots of interesting historical sites to explore. These three incredible places are among the best Malta travel destinations:


Valletta is Malta’s capital city and offers lots of interesting sights and attractions. Some of the best places to visit are:
  • Saint John’s Co-Cathedral
  • Grand Master’s Palace
  • The Grand Harbour
  • Upper Barracca Gardens.

While capital cities are not often the cheapest places to visit, Valletta offers a lot of flexibility in terms of hostels and hotels and has an array of budget-friendly options to cater to all needs and tastes.

Gozo Island

Gozo is the best of Malta’s islands for those with a passion for experiencing history. It’s a showcase for a rich mixture of Arabian influences and there are many amazing places to explore, while the local foods are incredible, too.

Gozo is also a great place to go if you’re an active traveler. Hiking and bike-riding are among the most popular pursuits with visitors to the island.


For the ultimate in relaxation, you should really consider traveling to the old city of Mdina. The city’s uniqueness comes from the fact that no cars are allowed there. It’s quiet, peaceful, and a great place to spend time alone or with loved ones.

There’s also a lot to see around Mdina, starting with the city gates which are over 4,000 years old!

popeye village, a malta travel destination

When’s the best time to go to Malta?

Malta is at its prettiest during the summer months. This is also when it’s busiest and will also often be the most expensive time, as travelers fill the city streets and beaches. If you want to avoid the crowds and keep your accommodation costs down, you should travel either in the early spring or late autumn. April and October are still warm but offer slightly cheaper prices.

If you’re more motivated by sightseeing and experiencing Maltese culture and the local lifestyle, then winter is a great time to go. January isn’t a very busy month in terms of tourism and you could find great accommodation at a much lower cost.

maltese sweets

What else can you do in Malta?

Malta offers many things to do and the best bit about it is that much of it is free or very inexpensive. You’ll find beaches across the islands where you can sunbathe, eat and drink, or take part in a range of activities.

While many of Malta’s museums and attractions do have an admission cost, it’s usually very modest at around € 3-10. Malta’s cities and towns are rich with history and beautiful architecture so one of the best – and free – things to do is to just walk around the narrow streets! There’ll be plenty of photo opportunities for you to share on social media or to keep to yourself.

Exploring the beautiful Maltese cuisine is also a must. Visit the local markets in each town and try a selection of local cheeses, hobz malti, which is the local bread, and olives and tomatoes for a stunning lunch, or take a picnic in a local park.

Although Malta is a small country, it is filled with opportunities for adventure and discovery for the budget traveler!

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