The 6 best destinations to travel alone

If you think about it, the entire world is full of great travel destinations and experiences just waiting for you. In this article, however, I’m going to narrow them down to the 6 best destinations to travel alone, to make choosing just a bit easier for you.

woman sitting alone on a bench while watching the sea

Why travel alone?

Sometimes traveling alone isn’t a choice. You may end up traveling alone because your friends can’t or don’t want to join you. Or you might find it difficult to find a travel partner who is as passionate as you are about the places you want to see.

Other times, traveling alone is a conscious choice. You simply prefer to travel by yourself because you enjoy those moments of solitude that you can’t get enough while traveling in a group. Or because you traveling alone makes you step out of your comfort zone and interact with new people you otherwise wouldn’t have met.

Whichever the reason why you are or will be traveling alone, check out below the best solo travel destinations in the world!

What are the best destinations to travel alone?

ireland, one of the best destinations to travel alone


If you travel alone to Ireland, you can be certain you’ll make some new friends in no time! Locals and other travelers are somehow always jolly and friendly in Ireland. If you get lost, there will always be some stranger offering to help you out and even to suggest some things you might enjoy doing while you’re visiting the country.

Don’t limit your visit to Ireland to the big cities, and explore the countryside, too. The scenery is gorgeous and in whichever pub you enter, even in a small town, you’ll find the same atmosphere as in Dublin’s Temple Bar!

Ireland can be pretty expensive. Learn about Ireland’s travel costs to plan your budget better.

spain, one of the best destinations to travel alone


Spain is a very popular choice for those traveling alone, like yourself. It’s also a budget solo travel destination, as hotels give you a reasonable rate when you’re on your own and this is a rare advantage.

With a lively nightlife, cities with wonderful architecture, and stunning beaches, Spain has something to fit everyone’s tastes.

Great destination for a semester or a year abroad
If you’re in search of a place to study abroad, Spain is an excellent choice!

Find out more about Spain to discover all that this country has to offer.
To easily plan your budget, discover Spain’s travel costs.

australia, one of the best destinations to travel alone


If you’re looking for a place with a wide range of adventures to choose from, that would be Australia! You can relax on sunny beaches or go snorkeling to explore the rich marine fauna. Or you can get lost in the excitement of its large cities. Either way, Australia is full of options for those traveling alone.

Many women travel alone in this country because it is a safe destination for female travelers to visit.

Budget travel tip
Rent a room or a private apartment when you travel to Australia, even if you’re a solo traveler. You can find affordable options if you spend some time searching. This will help you save money while staying comfortable as you explore the country.

To plan a perfect solo trip, read more about Australia here.

japan, one of the best destinations to travel alone


In Japan, there is this cultural melting pot, seasoned with both the old and the new. Don’t skip visiting some temples and museums while in Japan. And enjoy their tasty traditional cuisine: the food is excellent, but also healthy and light.

Though a bit more reserved than others, the Japanese are very welcoming with visitors, and always there to help you when in need.
thailand, one of the best destinations to travel alone


The entire country will feel very welcoming for all solo travelers. In Thailand, you can enjoy walking on beautiful trails in nature and visiting amazing temples.

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, is a must when you go visit on your own. Though you’ll be exploring it on your own, you will never feel alone, and that’s thanks to all the wonderful people you’ll get to meet there.

Check out these blog posts about visiting Thailand to get inspired!

lioness spotted in a safari in tanzania


Jumping to the African continent, there’s Tanzania, another destination rich in experiences fit for solo travelers. Here, you must try going on a safari. And, if you’re the adventurous traveler type, go on a hike on Kilimanjaro. Whatever you plan to do in Tanzania, the locals will be there to help you and make you feel just like home during your trip.

Traveling alone is an experience that will help you discover yourself better to become more confident and comfortable in your own skin. I hope you try at least one of the destinations to travel alone on this list to learn more about the world and to have an unforgettable wonderful time on your trip for one.

Which of these destinations to travel alone is your favorite?
Share your answer in a comment!

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30 Thoughts to “The 6 best destinations to travel alone”

  1. Sabrina Must

    Traveling alone is so liberating! Thanks for sharing (:

  2. Joanna

    I live in Spain and it is definitely a great and easy destination to travel through, when you are alone. The public transport system is great and the people are so friendly and helpful.

    1. I cant wait to travel. These places look amazing!

  3. Chloe Arnold

    Ahhh so many great suggestions! I could see traveling in Ireland being fun- everyone there is so nice!

  4. Jasmine M

    I find it SO hard to travel alone because I like to share my experiences with other people as well. However, these are really beautiful places!! Australia is definitely on my list, so I’ll consider traveling there alone lol

  5. Omggg i can’t wait to be in Thailand 🇹🇭!! Thank you for sharing valuable information.

    With love,

  6. I have never traveled alone, that thought is a bit frightening and challenging at the same time. But I would really love to try it once in my life.

  7. I would love to visit Spain someday. Could totally travel solo

  8. I loved Barcelona and would love to see more of Spain.

  9. I can attest that Japan is truly one of the safest places if you want to travel alone. I’ve been to Japan 4x and I have nothing but good things to say. The place itself is just wonderful, the food is great and the people are such sweethearts! I’ve also been to Spain, I also felt safe traveling there. Though I got lost a few times but I appreciate how helpful the people were.

  10. Such great tips for people wanting to be travel alone. I like to think that Australia is very safe to travel especially being my home town.

    I totally agree Japan and Thailand are very safe, I have visited both with my family and never felt threatened. I would also add to that list China and Myanmar. I found Myanmar to be unbelievable safe with the friendliest people I’ve ever come across.

  11. I should first travel in my country, Philippines, before travelling around the globe. Thanks for sharing this ideas!

  12. Neil Alvin

    You should include Japan. It’s so safe. Done several solo trips there and loved it.

  13. I don’t think I could travel solo but so admire those who do! I would love to visit many places on this list! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

  14. japan is love for me. but i havent tried traveling alone. my husband and daughter always keep my company. 🙂

  15. I love this! this is really cool – I never think about traveling alone but if I do I will have to take your advice!

  16. These are great lists in traveling solo! I think I would consider traveling solo in this country if time permits me to do so… Thanks.

  17. Katie-louise

    I love this post I really would like to do some solo travelling 🙂

  18. My travel is a mix of solo and couple travel, I like both. I do think that solo travel is essential to wellbeing, it’s nice to be on my own and discover a new place on my own. I really enjoy it. Japan is on both my husband’s and my travel bucket list so I guess we’ll have to do that one together.

  19. I would love to explore South East Asia before Ireland and Australia. I want to capture as many memories as possible.

  20. The Holidaymaker

    Great list! I could definitely see Ireland as a good place to travel alone due to their friendly pub culture – at any age too! Lisbon might be another city you could add to your list.

  21. Traveling alone is fun and we can learn many things. These are some great recommendations.

  22. I tried solo travelling once ! And yes, I had a great time and I did enjoy the experience. However, I still prefer travelling with a company. Mainly cause I like to eat, and I can’t try much varieties when I’m solo. Also because I like to talk ! =p
    I can imagine Japan and Thailand especially being fun to travel solo. Japan cause it has so much to offer. But, Thailand cause the locals are so friendly, I think it is pretty easy to make new friends !
    Not sure about Ireland, cause it seems like it requires a lot of driving, and I don’t do good driving long distance.

  23. Ever since I experienced traveling alone, I make it a point to do so at least once a year in a new country. You are right about being more confident after. Traveling alone has taught me to become more independent, friendlier especially to locals and to believe in myself. I still haven’t thought of traveling alone in Africa (mainly because of the high cost of air travel from where I am in Asia), but because you’ve included it, I would like to give it a thought and research more.

  24. Yukti Agrawal

    Though I have not traveled alone but then also I can imagine how wonderful destinations all these are for traveling. I agree Spain is great place for solo travelers as it has wonderful transport system and not very expensive too. I never thought of Tanzania as a solo destination but loved to know from you that it is also a great.

  25. I haven’t traveled alone before (other than for work trips) but it’s definitely something I want to do soon! This is a very helpful list. That’s cool that Spain gives discounted rates for solo travelers!

  26. While Therese and I typically travel together, we also love to travel alone — to anywhere. To us there is no best or worst place to travel alone if you are open to the experience. By traveling alone, you open yourself up to finding new friends, experiencing places in a way you would not with the comfort of a close friend or partner as a traveling companion. It helps if you are not shy in any way … which Therese and I have never been accused of being. We will talk to anyone … on the plane, on the train, in a restaurant, on the street. 😉

  27. Laura Pedlar

    I’ve got to say I’ve never travelled alone, I think my anxiety would be through the roof! I do admire people who can travel on their own so I take my hat off to you. There’s a good selection of places in this post and some surprising ones.

  28. I wondered why Tanzania. I realized the choice for these locations is based on the kind of locals you will find. If so, there are alternates for them on each continent. Example, the Philippines in Asia.

  29. I wish I could travel alone. If I have to choose among the listed countries then would prefer Ireland and Tanzania for sure.

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