Why traveling alone can be a life-changing experience

We’ve all been on those family holidays where you all rely on each other. Unlike when you’re traveling alone, you make the daily decisions of where to go, what to do, and what time to do it together.

You know that someone is always there to talk to, to laugh with, and to share the dinner bill. And while that’s a nice thing to fall back on, it can sometimes take away from your surroundings.

You’re more focused on making sure that everyone else is happy, rather than just doing what you want to do. But traveling alone has its advantages.

Being out there alone gives you the chance to wander, and sit and relax. It gives you a chance of taking the time out to watch the world go by. Lying out by the pool in some of the luxury villas in Canngu, and thinking about just how perfect this very moment is. Mixing with the locals as a single traveler is bound to introduce more conversation and interest too.

You see, a lot of people are fearful of traveling alone. That is because they assume that they’ll get lonely, nervous, and anxious because they don’t have anyone by their side. But you’d be surprised about how social it will be, if not more so now that you’re riding solo.

Here are some more benefits of traveling alone:

The locals you meet when traveling alone

As a solo traveler, you will talk a lot more to the locals around you. You will be approached by them too, as they’ll be curious about what you’re doing there and where the rest of the journey will take you. It’s also very handy as they will often know all of the hidden gems like the best places to eat seafood and the best bars to party in.

Not only that, but you will learn about them and their lives living like a local. You will also be able to teach them about your own experiences, both here and back at home. You may also bump into other travelers along the way who would love to share stories with you. They may even join you on your adventure for a little bit.

The self-reflection when traveling alone

When on your own, it gives you a lot of time to yourself, and you are able to answer some questions that you may have never been able to answer before. Sometimes being in a completely different environment from what you’re used to can have a lot of positive effects on the mind, because you’re in a new, clear space, without the negative reminders that may be around you where you usually live.

You can find out a lot about yourself because you have the time to now. There is no need to rush or worry about those usual daily responsibilities. You can take time and confront things head-on in a place that is so beautiful and comforting that you’ll feel as though you can take anything as it comes.

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