Going on vacation by yourself: Tips for dining solo

If going on vacation by yourself is something new for you, it will take you some time to get familiar with eating out in public. I used to be that way, too, but I started feeling comfortable eating on my own with time and lots of practice. In this blog post, I’m sharing with you a few tips that will help you navigate this new terrain. And, with these ideas, dining alone may become one f the favorite and most relaxing parts of your travels!

dining solo while going on vacation by yourself

Don’t feel awkward

Going on vacation by yourself, and, with it, having lunch or dinner alone, is becoming more frequent. A while back, there was a stigma around solo dining, but things are now different. There are lots of people all over the world who go to restaurants and eat alone every night. You can feel more confident in thinking that though you are eating by yourself, you are actually in good company.

reserved table for dining alone

Make reservations when possible

To make sure you have an available seat, always call to make reservations in advance when possible. This way, you’ll be seated at a table as soon as you arrive at the restaurant. You will avoid wasting time while waiting in line or even losing your place in the queue if you leave to take a call outside or use the loo for a couple of minutes.

leaving a book on the table for dining solo on a vacation by yourself

Use an inexpensive item to save your seat

When you go out for lunch or dinner on your vacation by yourself, there will always come a time when, even though you haven’t finished your meal, you will need to leave the table. It may be because you need to wash your hands, answer a call or smoke a cigarette outside. If you take a low-cost item to leave on your table or on your seat, the server will understand that you haven’t finished your meal and won’t clear your table while you’re away.

Always use an inexpensive item so you won’t feel bad if it gets stolen while you’re away from your table. Personally, I prefer to use the book I’m currently reading, thinking it’s easy to replace. And, if it gets stolen, it’s just another excuse to explore the book shops of the place I’m visiting, which I absolutely love!

woman enjoying eating our on her own while going on traveling solo

Enjoy being on your own when you vacation by yourself

Some people feel very nervous and even uncomfortable just thinking about dining solo. That’s because they’ve forgotten how to enjoy being on their own. Dining out on your own, just like going on vacation by yourself, is a chance to relax and enjoy absorbing all the fresh flavors that come with the new surroundings.

So eat your food slowly, and taste every bite without worrying about anything. Savor your solitude!

meeting new people at a shared table while going on vacation alone

Meet new people if that is your cup of tea

If you’re feeling lonely, you can choose to eat somewhere that can provide a bit more interaction. Like a pub or a place with common tables! These are great to eat on your own when you’re craving not only for some tasty food but also for a bit of socializing. Try to make eye contact with others, but avoid being creepy and staring at people for too long. Also, think about a few ways to spark up some conversations and start chatting with others.

At the end of the evening, you may even end up with one or more new travel buddies!

solo female traveler reading while waiting to dine alone

Bring something to keep yourself busy

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re dining solo is getting bored. It’s most like to happen while waiting to be seated or waiting for your food to arrive. This is actually the most likely time when you’ll start feeling awkward about eating out on your own. To avoid situations like this one, bring something to keep you busy while you wait. Your smartphone, a good book or sudoku are great options to stay entertained when you have extra time on your hands. You won’t even feel like you’re waiting for something if you’re enjoying yourself.

When going on vacation by yourself, dining solo is an aspect that takes some time to get used to. Just don’t think about eating out on your own as something bad. Think about how good it is to choose the restaurant and order what you want while traveling alone. And if your food’s delicious, you don’t even have to share it with a curious travel companion.

Start seeing eating out on your own as a vital and pleasurable part of going on vacation by yourself. It’s just a matter of perspective, after all.

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29 Thoughts to “Going on vacation by yourself: Tips for dining solo”

  1. There would be something so nice about vacationing by myself. Just being able to do whatever I want without asking for input would be so nice.

    1. Why don’t you try it out, Cyndi? What’s holding you back?

  2. I think one of the best parts about travelling alone is spending as much time as you want in the cute shops 🙂

    1. Hahah! I understand that :)) But not as the shopper, rather as the person dragging the others out of the shops to visit the city! I’d love it, too, if the shoppers in my groups were ok with visiting the shops on their own, like you do.

  3. Liz Rivera

    Wow, that’s so brave!! Kudos!!!

    1. Thanks, Liz. But there are so many others traveling solo right now that it’s something normal, not brave. 🙂

  4. Hehehe I like your thinking for saving your seat! If someone does steal your book, it is a great excuse to head out book shopping! 😉

  5. I travel alone most of the times so I am used to eating by myself. I usually eat out every night because I like to experience the local cuisine so I’m finding myself very often in restaurants alone. I find that the waiters are actually more attentive when you are dinning by yourself.

    1. That’s true, but with some I’m not sure if it’s because they’re focusing all the attention the table would have received on just 1 person… or they’re being sympathetic :))

  6. I love dining by myself. It’s so much more peaceful to not have to worry about anyone else’s plans or schedules!

  7. Luna S

    What a great list of tips, I really like the leaving a book on the table idea.

    1. Happy you found my tips for going on vacation by yourself helpful, Luna!

  8. I always feel awkward when I travel solo. Thank you for the great tips. I love to travel but my husband isn’t a big fan. This gives me hope.

    1. Oh, that can be difficult, and I can relate to that. I used to be in a relationship where he didn’t like to travel. I think he would have been totally supportive had I chosen to travel solo, though. I just didn’t because I was yet to discover this side of traveling back then. I was actually surprised by the me I rediscovered while going on vacation by myself.

  9. Aanya

    This is a very nicely put together travel blog post. Earlier, I used to fear to meet new people and speak to them, but traveling solo makes you do things you should not be scared of.

    1. I agree, Aanya. Going on vacation by yourself will actually help you overcome your fears to interact with strangers.

  10. Awesome tips, I rarely travel alone but I will have one trip in September so thank you for the tips.

  11. Yatiana

    Save your seat is very important. I’ve always travelled alone and I totally understand these tips and to be quite honest they are absolutely necessary

    1. Thanks, Yatiana! It’s always good to get some endorsement from other solo travelers!

  12. I need to build confidence first before travelling solo.

    1. Traveling solo is actually a great way to build that confidence fast. You should just take the plunge, Oscar!

  13. I travel by myself a lot, mostly weekend breaks and I love it. Your advice is pretty solid.

    1. Happy you feel that way, Mohini. Thank you!

  14. Elizabeth O

    Usually when I go travel by my self, I bring a book. It keeps me busy so I won’t feel alone.

    1. I tend to do that, too. Heck, even if I am with someone, I have a book, though I don’t take it out while I’m at the table. I prefer having or seeing others with a book while dining solo than with a mobile phone.

  15. At first, it’ll be EXTREMELY awkward eating on your own. When I started traveling solo, I wasn’t used to it and it gets awkward when the servers ask if I was alone or I have someone with me. Its a life-changing experience. I learned to enjoy my own company. I usually bring a kindle with me so I can chill/relax at the cafe/resto for a bit before I leave. And I agree, you’ll get to explore better since you wont be influenced by others, you get to choose a cafe/bar that you truly would like to try. Thank you very much for the insightful post. Truly relatable!

  16. I kind of like the idea of solo travel, but I must agree sometimes it feels awkward when people stare at you having dinner by yourself…

  17. I have always wanted to plan a solo trip. Thank you for the tips!

  18. Sometimes it feels awkward to eat alone. But enjoying the surrounding and observing people can be fun.

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