How to keep a blog or journal of your solo vacations

Going on solo vacations is amazing! The only thing missing is someone to share everything with while it’s happening, someone to relive the memories with later. However, if you keep a blog or a journal, you become able to recall all the small details. And you can also share them with others if you wish.

Follow the tips below to make sure that your best solo vacations are remembered forever!

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Write daily notes & don’t wait long to complete everything

When we experience wonderful moments, we always think that we’ll never forget them. But we are only human, and forgetting is something that happens to all of us. Whether you are writing a blog/journal or scrapbooking, try to do so on a daily basis. (Hey, practice what I say, not what I do! ) Make this activity part of each evening. Take a few minutes to sit down and write about your solo vacations. If you don’t have time to write in detail every day, at least jot down the main ideas to help you remember the specifics later.

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Describe your solo vacations the best you can

Nobody wants to read or listen to a flat record going on and on about what you did every day. To make it more appealing to your audience or to yourself at a later date, think along the lines of a diary more than a schedule. Add a bit of everything, and make sure to spice your story with personal thoughts, some humor, and descriptions of people and places. Write it as if you’re telling it to your best friend.

solo vacations journaling

Add some photos from your solo vacations

A picture is worth a thousand words. And no blog or travel journal can be complete without images. Add a few from each day. And add a lot if that day was full of new experiences, to try to remember each one.

Take better photos on your solo vacations
Phone cameras are known to distort a bit the edges of the photos. This is why any selfies are just a big head with some blurry scenery showing around the edges. To take better photos of yourself during your solo vacations, you’ll want to include a bit more of the surrounding scenery. One option is to ask a passerby to help you. The other, providing independence, is to buy a selfie stick. Be careful not to annoy other travelers when using it, though.

solo vacations keepsakes

Proudly display your keepsakes

If you are writing in a diary or scrapbooking, you can add your keepsakes to it. You could glue boarding passes and museum or public transport tickets. On a blog, the alternative is to take photos of these keepsakes to post them online. (Be careful not to share any personal information, though.)

On The Travel Bunny, besides travel tips and travel guides, where I write informative pieces, I also have my travel blog pieces with personal vacations. These not only help me remember our trips easily, but they also serve as wanderlust inspiration for other travelers. As for the physical keepsakes, I glue them to the wall of the hallway. They’re great conversation starters when someone comes over!

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Don’t let journaling steal the joy from your solo vacations

Trust me, I get it! You want to remember your trip forever and share all the amazing details with your friends and family. However, remember the purpose of your trip: to enjoy yourself! Don’t get too caught up in your journal or blog, or it will turn into a stressful obligation. Don’t spend your precious time on the computer during your solo vacations. Instead, go out: there’s a whole new world out there, just waiting for you to explore it. And don’t worry: when you’re at the airport or when you get home, you’ll have plenty of time to fill in the gaps.

Solo vacations are life-changing and you will want to remember these experiences forever. Keeping a record through travel blogging or journaling will help you record stories that will continue to bring joy even decades later.

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