How to go on the best solo vacations

Traveling alone is exciting, and brings lots of improvements into your life that will last you a lifetime. But going on a solo trip means a lot of planning for “just in case” situations. By planning properly, you will get to enjoy the best solo vacations, gathering beautiful memories instead of living avoidable disasters.

In this short travel blog post, you will learn several tips on planning the best solo vacations to remember dearly.

best solo vacations budget
Save money for the best solo vacations

Save more money than you think you need

You may have learned and tested all the budget-friendly travel advice available out there, but you have to take into account the unexpected. Something unplanned can always come up and you may find yourself in need of more money than you thought you needed. Trust me, you want to avoid being stuck in a foreign country all by yourself, without the necessary funds to pay for what you need. When you are on a solo trip, it is extremely important to plan ahead financially and to make sure you bring more than enough money with you.

Therefore, save money in advance for your next solo trip.

best solo vacations planning ahead
Plan your best solo vacations ahead

Plan ahead and prepare for the worst

When you go on a solo trip, it’s not the best time to throw caution to the wind. During your solo travel adventure, you should try to think of every small thing in advance. Try to be as thorough as you can in your thought process.

Do a brainstorming session by yourself or with a friend/family member to come up with anything that could go wrong on your solo trip. Another option is to talk to friends who also travel by themselves or connect with other solo travelers online via CouchSurfing or Facebook groups. Ask these people to go with you over your planning and help you cover aspects you may have missed.

In other words, hope for the best, yet prepare for the worst.

best solo vacations have an emergency contact

Have a designated emergency contact while you travel

Going on a solo trip means there’s no one else to count on in case of an emergency. That’s why it’s good to contact a friend or family member regularly while you are traveling alone. Call this person daily to provide updates on your whereabouts and with whom you may plan to travel. This person will be able to sound the alarm if something goes wrong and they don’t hear from you on time.

best solo vacations full of adventures

Don’t take too many risks

The best solo vacations imply exploring all the activities you wanted to try at your chosen destination. So go ahead and try out scuba diving and parasailing if that’s your thing. Throw caution to the wind for a while and cross off as many things as you can from your travel bucket list.

However, be careful about it. There’s a thin line between being adventurous and being reckless. Don’t ignore taking safety precautions about whom you meet along the way, either. Avoid drinking more than a few drinks and don’t wander on the streets after dark.

It’s great to be brave, but it’s wise to stay safe.

solo female traveler hiding

Trust your intuition & go on the best solo vacations

Kudos to you if you’re a friendly individual who is considerate about other people’s feelings! However, putting yourself and your interests as the top priority doesn’t make you a selfish or bad person. If someone is creeping you out, don’t feel afraid to just walk away and put some distance between the two of you. If needed, you can and should even report that person to someone who is in a position to help you.

There are lots of things you can consider to plan the best solo vacations for yourself. But, of course, many of the aspects to have a successful and safe solo trip are destination-related, so you’ll have to think about them on a case-by-case basis.

The tips above are a starting point to help you plan the best solo vacations. With proper planning, you’ll be able to relax during your solo trip and gather wonderful memories to cherish for life!

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