6 ways to save money on your next budget solo trip

Going on holiday alone is becoming more and more popular.

In the past, going on vacation alone meant huge expenses and saving money for months in advance.

Today, single travelers are more financially savvy and are doing their best to learn how to cut costs while traveling.

How to save money for your next budget solo trip

To help you on your quest to save money on your next budget solo trip I came up with a list of budget travel tips. You can check them out below!

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1. Look for accommodation beyond hotels

budget solo trip accommodation for 1

When trying to find accommodation for your budget solo trip, broaden your search, and don’t look only for hotels. Since you’re traveling alone and there’s nobody else to comment on how thrifty you are, you have a lot more options available. You can try looking for hostels, where you can share a room with other like-minded travelers. Or, you can try booking a bed and breakfast that offers rooms for single travelers, too.

2. Check if your accommodation comes with freebies

budget solo trip accommodation

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget solo trip or traveling with friends. It doesn’t matter if this is a budget trip or a luxury one. Before booking any place to stay for the night or for a longer period, you should always know what is included in the price.

And, if you’re a budget traveler on a solo trip, it’s usually worth paying a bit more for the room if you get free breakfast and wi-fi. If the breakfast is generous, it means fewer snacks during the day or even having 2 meals instead of 3 that day. In the end, that means saving cash during your budget solo trip. And if you keep planning your stays and meals this way, you will save more money in the long run.

3. Avoid single supplements at all costs!

Remember how I mentioned that in the past solo trips meant spending a fortune? Well, single supplements are actually one of the reasons why budget solo travel was so difficult in the past. Many travel packages, hotels, and cruises have a price thought out for two travelers, usually. And they charge you because you’re traveling alone.

However, as solo travelers have started spreading their wings more and more in recent years, many cruises and travel companies have started to come up with better offers to help clients go on their dream budget solo trip. Therefore, before paying for something, make sure the price was thought up while keeping solo travelers in mind, too.

4. Work on your negotiation skills

budget solo trip travel deal negotiation

Hotels may have a particular rate for a certain room type or period of time/day of the week. But depending on how pushy you are, you may be able to negotiate a good deal. It can work in your advantage to mention if you have a travel club membership, as this may bring up deals of which you were unaware.

Personally, I’m a pretty shy person and I almost never negotiate. However, my most recent guilty pleasure is watching Extreme Cheapskates. And I’m stunned over and over again not only by the fact that people ask for a discount for already cheap items but also by the fact that the seller never says no! Sellers seem to always want to keep their potential clients happy, so they give a lot of discounts. It’s up to you how pushy you want to be and, most of all, about what.

But even if you don’t feel like negotiating an offer, it never hurts to ask if there are any available discounts or benefits to taking advantage of when you wish to book a place.

5. Go out for lunch instead of dinner

budget solo trip eating food

Most restaurants have the same menu for lunch and dinner. However, in the afternoon you might be able to find some pretty convenient lunch offers. These usually include an entree and a main course or a main course with dessert, plus a drink. If you eat out at lunch, you can try the food you’re interested in and end up paying less.

For dinner, you can get a sandwich, some affordable street food, or some other type of low-cost meal.

6. Keep your plans flexible to plan a budget solo trip

budget solo trip stay

The best thing about traveling alone? You get to make all the decisions! So if saving money’s in your plans, you can always make changes as you go to avoid spending more than you’re comfortable with.

Search for stuff like “one seat only” / “one place left” deals, which airlines and other companies in this industry have difficulty getting rid of. This kind of deal must be taken on the spot, and they’re perfect for travelers going on budget solo trips. Solo travelers have the advantage of being independent and not needing to run their plans with someone else before taking action.


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Going on a solo trip is known to be more expensive. But if you’re creative and keep an eye open for good deals, you can save money while going on holiday alone. Sky’s the limit when it comes to saving money during your budget solo trip!

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