10 solo travel safety tips for women travelers to explore the world

Exploring is a matter of handling adventures and not routine. Real wanderlust enthusiasts are the ones who believe in the adrenaline rush that every voyage offers. But, is the thrill worth the safety issues that visiting places predisposes you to? The trouble increases two folds if the traveler is a female. While exploring solo, every lady has to keep safety as the topmost priority. So here’s a list of ten travel safety tips that every female must keep in mind while exploring!

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Stay away from booze

You might get too engrossed in exploring the sceneries that you forget the basic safety checks. Moreover, the risk is higher if you’re a female who likes to sip red wine and travel alone. Suppressing your love for wanderlust isn’t what you need to do. Instead, you must explore the safety tricks and be well versed with the hurdles that come along.

Keep in mind not to get wasted while you explore alone. Boozing makes you lose your senses and invites more trouble.

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Gather enough information about the country

If you keep worrying about the potholes during the journey, when will you enjoy? Every female must be determined enough to enjoy the journey be it in her casual white dress or classy apparel. But, you can’t make the most of your voyages if you don’t know the places to explore.

One of our travel safety tips is to gather as much information about your destination as well as the journey. Some crucial information that you must research is listed below.

  • Weather and bad climate-related information
  • Culture and traditions related to the country
  • Top places to visit in the country
  • Safety helpline numbers of the country.

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Take one step at a time

Visiting places makes you solely dependent on yourself; it evokes a sense of gratification and productivity within you. However, when you feel like going solo, explore the states under the boundaries of your own country first.

That way, you learn to tackle travel issues. Don’t just head out to explore without any proper planning. First, research and plan your solo outing. After a few domestic trips, you get the courage to travel solo internationally.

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Make the most of maps

Some crucial resources while advancing alone are your mobile phone and maps. You must keep your phone charged during your journey.

Whenever you find yourself lost amidst nowhere, use the maps to get out of the mess. Always make sure to carry the physical maps of the country and area. If Google maps fail due to network issues, you can always use physical maps.

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Refrain from posting live locations

When you’re all sweaty in your gym apparel and you’ve reached the top of that cliff, don’t post the pictures right away. Wait until you leave the cliff and reach somewhere else.

In today’s world, you never know who your real enemy is. So, keeping your social media craze aside while exploring alone and playing it smart is one of the best travel safety tips you should consider!

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Communicate with your female counterparts

When you’re living your dream of progressing solo, there can be no better companion than other females like you. Try and communicate with other female voyagers as much as you can. Know about their lives, their journey, and their destinations.

Don’t hesitate to stay in an all girls dorm and sip some wine and get clicked in some funny poses with them. That way, you will be safe, sound and entertained.

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Avoid exploring at night

Nights are truly bliss; they offer a feeling of tranquility and serenity. But, as a solo female, you might want to suppress your nyctophile nature for a while. As much as you feel like drinking some alcohol and gazing at the moon, control your emotions and stay back.

Most of the dangerous activities are likely to happen during night time. Therefore our travel safety tips are to have a good night’s sleep and to explore during the daytime.

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Pack only crucial items

When you intend to go for voyage alone, you might want to pack almost anything that you get hold of. But, think about the stress that comes along with carrying multiple pieces of baggage. Pack only what’s necessary as a pair of jeans, some t-shirts, gym apparel and other stuff that is multi-purpose.

However, don’t forget to pack your first aid kit.

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Tell a white lie every now and then

While advancing alone and fulfilling your wanderlust dreams, you are bound to meet people like you. But you just can’t trust everyone. When they ask you about your whereabouts or your companion, just lie. Say that your boyfriend is waiting for you at the hotel. Or that your friends are meeting up soon.

Don’t let others know that you’re alone and vulnerable. Keep your safety the first and foremost priority.

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Try to look confident and composed

Traveling is an art that enables the person to think out of the box and get out of their comfort zones. While exploring alone, there are times when you find yourself lost and in the middle of nowhere. That’s when you should be composed, confident and have faith.

Don’t let the strangers know you’re lost. Don’t look through a map panicky when you are not able to find your way. Just take a deep breath, think and have a confident smile on, you’ll surely find a way out.

Overall, the solo voyage is something that the explorers cherish for a lifetime. We highly recommend solo traveling for females. However, keep in mind the above-mentioned travel safety tips and you will experience the best journey of your life.

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solo female traveler in a hammock by waterfall
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16 Thoughts to “10 solo travel safety tips for women travelers to explore the world”

  1. There is always a danger in travelling to unknown destination if you are not vigilant. The level of danger increases for woman especially if they travel on night. Your tips would be very useful to many solo female travellers.

    1. Thank you. Come to think about it, I’ve realised that I’ve become more vigilant with age. I remember when I was in my early 20s that I wasn’t as scared as I am now to go out at night and return home on my own. But maybe the times were different, too.

  2. Some interesting points raised and some tactics I have never used as a female traveller. Will definitely think about them now!

    1. Good luck and stay safe on your next solo adventures, Louise!

  3. These are very handy travel tips for a solo female traveler. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading, April! I hope they will come in handy to you someday 😉

  4. The white lie tip is very practical ! I do believe nowadays we over share too much with people we barely know. Always good to be extra vigilant !

    1. You’re right. I’m guilty of oversharing when I meet people whose company I end up enjoying. Afterward, I do wonder if it was safe to do so or not. Because not everybody is really as nice as they seem at first.

  5. I agree with most of these, although I think most women will be fine having a drink and going out in the evening. You just have to be careful in the same way you would at home.

    It’s a good tip about not sharing your location though. I have heard several instagram ladies mention that they started post content only after leaving a location, to avoid stalkers…

    1. I always share things after I came back from a trip. It’s safer that way not just for avoiding stalkers, but also for keeping your empty home safe while you’re away. I remember way before I started travel blogging the horrible story of a Youtuber who talked about his upcoming holiday on his channel only to find his house broken into and trashed when he returned from vacation. i don’t have a lot of valuable stuff at home, but just the thought of having someone go through all my stuff sounds (and feels) terrible.

  6. Very useful post, travelling alone is great but it is also important to remember some tips to avoid dangerous situations

    1. I completely agree, Milena! I’m happy you found this useful. Do you travel solo often?

  7. Super important post and tips for any solo traveler—especially female. I feel like they apply to both domestic or international travel. You can never be too safe.

    1. When I first read Jessica’s article I thought the same. These tips work very well at home, too.

  8. I understand a lot of points like staying around the crowd and gathering information but staying away from booze is something unusual. Men travel to try alcohol in different countries, why can’t women do that too? This post is informative nonetheless and worth sharing.

    1. I think that no matter if you’re a guy or girl it’s ok to have a glass of wine, a pint of beer or a cocktail. Or even more. You just have to know your limits and not overdo it.

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