7 packing tips for going on vacation alone

Going on vacation alone is fun and exciting! But we all know packing for that trip usually isn’t. Not to worry, in this blog post I’ll teach you 7 packing tips to solo travel like a pro. I promise you will have everything you need and your trip will be a lot more pleasant!

shopping locally during a solo trip

Discover what is available where you’re going on vacation alone

Wherever you’re going, do some research in advance to learn what is available on location as far as shopping goes. Once you are at your destination, you must be able to have access to everything you might need immediately. That way, you won’t have to go without until you’re feeling comfortable with the surrounding area. In short: do your research and pack accordingly.

emergency items to pack while going on vacation alone

Make some room for your emergency items

When packing your luggage for going on vacation alone, make sure to have a pocket or compartment for emergency items. Prepare copies of your birth certificate and passport, in case your originals get stolen. After all, it’s a scary thought to end up alone in a foreign country without any proof of who you are or where you came from.

Also, take into account any important medicine to which you might need quick access.

woman holding smartphone before calling emergency phone number

Keep a copy of any important numbers on you

While we’re at it, it’s good to have a copy of important phone numbers and contacts on you at all time. In case of an emergency where you may be incapacitated or unable to find help for yourself, these can be vital. You don’t want to be in a situation where there is no way to reach a family member when you’re in need.

This list is also useful if your phone gets lost or stolen because most of us don’t know other people’s phone numbers by heart anymore.

how not to pack if you're going on vacation alone

Don’t pack more than you can carry

When you travel alone, never take more than you can carry. Despite being very tiring, you can also hurt yourself. And what’s the point of being on holiday if you can’t enjoy it?

mirela the travel bunny with nayo almighty backpack

Choose a backpack or bags that you can easily carry

Even if you are a light packer by nature, it’s very important what sort of luggage you choose to put everything in. My suggestion is to use a backpack that allows easy access to all of its contents and can also pass as a carry-on bag. Here are my personal choices:

Check out our Nayo Almighty review, written after we tested these smart backpacks during a road trip.

You should try on all your luggage before you leave on your trip. That way, you can make sure that everything fits comfortably on your body for long periods of time without giving you any backaches. You could even take the luggage on a walk close to home a few times, just to see how it feels.

woman wearing layers while going on vacation alone

Plan to wear layers

When you plan your outfits, you should consider wearing layers. They come naturally when you travel alone. Just think about the fact that you don’t have a companion to sit at the table in the restaurant while you head back to your room to get a jacket. There will also not be someone there to lend you their jacket in those times when you are feeling chilly.

Wearing layers gives you an easy way to get dressed for all types of weather and situations.

getting feet wet while going on vacation alone

Pack some plastic bags

Plastic bags can be any traveler’s best friend if reused properly. They can store your wet bathing suit, laundry or muddy shoes, and your trash, too. You could also fill them out with some essentials when you go out for the day. And, if push comes to shove, you can wear them on your feet if you get hit by an unexpected rainstorm.

Going on holiday alone can be a life-changing experience. And the way you choose to pack can determine if your focus ends up being on the wonderful moments or on your backache or lack of foresight. When going on holiday alone, use these seven packing tips to prepare for your adventure of a lifetime!

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14 Thoughts to “7 packing tips for going on vacation alone”

  1. Smart advice here Mirela. Traveling solo now, for a little bit.

  2. Great advise, I really like the idea of carrying plastic bags, especailly for muddy shoes or wet cloths. I wish I would have dont that on my last trip. I also, carry a copy of my passport, I will not put a copy of my birth certificate with it just in case. Thank you…

  3. I’m a solo traveller and also follow all of these tips. I agree that A backpack carryon is the best especially if you’re a hiker. I also bring 2 shower caps that I use to cover my muddy hiking boots to keep the mud from getting all over everything.

  4. Great tips on how to pack when going on vacation alone. Love the reminder to write out a copy of important info, especially phone numbers. I never remember phone numbers anymore…couldn’t tell you anyone including my soon to be wife’s phone number. But this also includes the hotel you are staying at, etc etc.
    Also, take copies of your documents and put them in a different bag too.
    Lastly I always tell people that you aren’t going to the moon so remember to pack light, because wherever you are going will have ways to wash clothes & you can always buy something in a store if need be. This is also with regards to toiletries. No reason to over pack…other places have toothpaste too!

  5. Great advice for those who are traveling solo and great packing tips here. However, I think my solo days are gone as I now got a family and packing for three (soon to be four) people is a totally different ball game. 😀

  6. Informative blog and I like the idea of carrying your own plastic bags. nice
    Keep writing !

  7. Interesting tips here, I’d never thought that travelling as a couple or alone would be any different but I guess as a couple maybe on person has the first aid kit and the other has the toiletries bag etc so you do often share the load. Going it alone you need to think a little more about weight and space as you can’t palm anything off on anyone else!! ha

  8. Dom

    It’s always hard to not pack to much but we will definitely work on it. Always end up bringing twice as much as we actually need!
    Dom & Jo

  9. The Holidaymaker

    Great advice and tips! The one that I need to learn is ‘don’t pack more than you can carry’! I too travel with extra bags, I like ziplock bags, for the same reasons you said! I like that they are clear and you can seal them.

  10. I haven’t traveled solo (other than a work trip) since my college days, but this post brought me right back. I definitely learned to pack efficiently and not more than I could carry, and that’s an essential travel skill for all travelers. I now travel with my husband and three young kids in tow, but we’ve traveled to Florida for a beach weekend with absolutely everything we need condensed into five book bags!

  11. True confessions… as a solo traveller, more than once I have packed more than I can carry. Well. I could carry it but not easily. Fast forward to the carry on suitcase and that’s that. These are all great tips but speaking from experience pack light!!

  12. Laura Pedlar

    I agree with this advice, I always have plastic bags for dirty washing. I also check if I can leave bulky items like hairdryers at home to save on space. If you’re travelling with someone else, it’s sensible to split your clothes between both suitcases so that if one’s lost you both still have something to wear.

  13. Solid tips. Just be sure with the vital documents, such as copy of your passport, your birth certificate, and your important numbers, you keep those on your person when you are moving from hotel to hotel in a hidden document wallet and not in your backpack or luggage. And then place them in the hotel safe or somewhere very secure when you have arrived and remember them when you leave.

  14. I also go on vacation alone, so I am a bit of an expert in packing. I mostly have a minimalist packing list because my bag has been lost twice when I checked it in so I prefer to just use a carry on only.

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