traveling solo pro con

What are the pros and cons of traveling solo?

Have you noticed that when you ask people about their hobbies and passions most of them have traveling at the beginning of their lists? Most of those people also see traveling as a group activity, and very few would consider traveling solo. For the latter, traveling solo is a reason to feel proud and happy about all they’ve seen on their own. If you’re thinking of joining the solo travelers club (because yes, even solo travelers have a club!), it’s best to be aware of all the pros and cons of solo traveling in advance. Let’s start with the cons …

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solo travel

8 solo travel mistakes you need to avoid

Once you leave on a solo travel adventure, you’ll soon discover that this amazing experience is a chance to grow in many aspects. However, you have to pay attention to how you solo travel. To go on the best solo vacations, you’ll have to plan ahead and take some precautions. After that, you will be able to enjoy a memorable and positive holiday that you will happily remember for the rest of your life. Below, you will discover the most common solo travel mistakes. Many travelers have made these mistakes and had to learn the hard way about them. Save …

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solo vacations travel journal

How to keep a blog or journal of your solo vacations

Going on solo vacations is amazing! The only thing missing is someone to share everything with while it’s happening, someone to relive the memories with later. However, if you keep a blog or a journal, you become able to recall all the small details. And you can also share them with others if you wish. Follow the tips below to make sure that your best solo vacations are remembered forever! Write daily notes & don’t wait long to complete everything When we experience wonderful moments, we always think that we’ll never forget them. But we are only human, and forgetting …

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going on vacation by yourself

Going on vacation by yourself: Tips for dining solo

If going on vacation by yourself is something new for you, it will take you some time to get familiar with eating out in public. I used to be that way, too, but I started feeling comfortable eating on my own with time and lots of practice. In this blog post, I’m sharing with you a few tips that will help you navigate this new terrain. With these ideas, dining alone may become one f the favorite and most relaxing parts of your travels! Don’t feel awkward Going on vacation by yourself, and, with it, having lunch or dinner alone, …

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best solo vacations

How to go on the best solo vacations

Traveling alone is exciting, and brings lots of improvements into your life that will last you a lifetime. But going on a solo trip means a lot of planning for “just in case” situations. By planning properly, you will get to enjoy the best solo vacations, gathering beautiful memories instead of living avoidable disasters. In this short travel blog post, you will learn several tips on planning the best solo vacations to remember dearly. Save more money than you think you need You may have learned and tested all the budget-friendly travel advice available out there, but you have to …

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going on vacation alone

7 packing tips for going on vacation alone

Going on vacation alone is fun and exciting! But we all know packing for that trip usually isn’t. Not to worry, in this blog post I’ll teach you 7 packing tips to solo travel like a pro. I promise you will have everything you need and your trip will be a lot more pleasant! 1. See what’s available where you’re going on vacation alone Wherever you’re going, do some research in advance to learn what is available on location as far as shopping goes. Once you are at your destination, you must be able to have access to everything you …

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budget solo trip

6 ways to save money on your next budget solo trip

Going on holiday alone is becoming more and more popular. In the past, going on vacation alone meant huge expenses and saving money for months in advance. Today, single travelers are more financially savvy and are doing their best to learn how to cut costs while traveling. How to save money for your next budget solo trip Going on a solo trip is known to be more expensive. But if you’re creative and keep an eye open for good deals, you can save money while going on holiday alone. Sky’s the limit when it comes to saving money during your …

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