best landscape photography tips

8 best landscape photography tips for travelers

Getting ready for another adventurous journey? Then make sure to read the 8 best landscape photography tips below. They will help you improve your landscape photography and shoot breathtaking nature pictures to show off to your friends and family. Now let’s get started! 1. Bring a suitable camera For any kind of trip, we recommend pocket-sized cameras, as they won’t take up much space and will be easy to carry wherever you go. By the way, over the past few years, GoPro cameras have become popular among seasoned travelers, and it’s obvious why. They are tiny, powerful, and affordable. This …

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travel Instagram best practices

7 steps on how to start a successful travel Instagram account

A lot of people use Instagram to draw inspiration for their daily activities. It is a place where you can find everything from ordinary people’s accounts and celebrity accounts to cooking recipes and travel destinations. For example, you can find more than 300 million Instagram posts where the word travel is mentioned. This simply shows that people enjoy sharing their traveling adventures and tend to become successful travel bloggers. So, if you enjoy traveling and exploring new places, creating a travel Instagram account is the best step you could take. Creating a travel account and becoming a travel blogger is …

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solo travel videos for youtube

How to make solo travel videos for YouTube

Want to create memorable solo travel videos for YouTube? Looking for ways and steps to make them? Travel videos should be informative about culture, food, people, and local attractions, and a sprinkle of historical facts with an interesting presentation. You will discover tips, steps, and more in this article to become a YouTube video maker and an able communicator of ideas. How to become a YouTube video maker by creating solo travel videos Solo travel videos mean you need to don multiple hats. From shooting, choosing a destination, researching about it, and editing to finally publishing on YouTube. In addition, …

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travel wise tips for vloggers

Travel wise: 4 best tips for vloggers

Travel Vloggers have been all around the globe since 2016. Meanwhile, they also gained the title of digital nomads. Travel Vloggers post their videos on YouTube and on Facebook. This allows them to have a wider reach of audience. They hop from one place to another to experience a different culture, try new food, meet new people, and see the world. Some stay in one place for a long time to really absorb the space they are in. Others choose to visit as many countries as they can in a year. They are people who share their exciting adventures and …

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old travel photos

5 creative ideas on how to use your old travel photos

Traveling is the best time to try out your love for photography. Whether you’re taking a trip to the beach or backpacking across the mountains, you’re sure to take your camera along with you to catch those aesthetic moments and make some permanent memories. But what do you do with all those extra photos after your trip ends and posting on Snapchat and Instagram stories just isn’t an option anymore? You probably have your old travel photos taking up the storage space in your phone, or printed up as yellowing polaroids stacked inside an old shoebox in your closet. But …

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