7 steps on how to start a successful travel Instagram account

A lot of people use Instagram to draw inspiration for their daily activities. It is a place where you can find everything from ordinary people’s accounts and celebrity accounts to cooking recipes and travel destinations. For example, you can find more than 300 million Instagram posts where the word travel is mentioned. This simply shows that people enjoy sharing their traveling adventures and tend to become successful travel bloggers. So, if you enjoy traveling and exploring new places, creating a travel Instagram account is the best step you could take.

Creating a travel account and becoming a travel blogger is a fascinating process. People appreciate learning about new areas and potential trip destinations, which makes travel bloggers among the most popular figures on Instagram. They are adventurous and real, frequently sharing unknown details about the places they visit, which captivates their audience.

Because it focuses more on photographs and visual material, Instagram is one of the first platforms people open when they want to learn something new about a tourist destination. People all over the world have been motivated by travel Instagram accounts to go on journeys and learn about different cultures. So, start with Instagram and make sure you create a profile constantly filled with fresh content.

If you want many people to witness your Instagram travel adventures, continue reading to learn about seven of the most efficient tactics for starting your account.

1. Find your target audience

First, you’ll need to prepare a list of places you want to explore if you want to start on a high note and attract many followers. This means that you should create a pattern that you will follow and put focus on certain places in the beginning. You might visit various monuments within the city you live in or simply explore distinct jungles, beaches, deserts, and so on. However, remember that you should follow a specific theme in order to connect with your target followers.

Research and find out what your target audience likes, so you can adjust your content to their liking. See whether they would prefer posts about your hometown or the more adventurous places. Start local, and then expand your adventures to more exclusive places, if you’re willing to invest in your traveling blog.

2. Think of a unique name

Your Instagram journey needs a unique username before you start attracting your target audience with gorgeous photographs from diverse locations. Think outside the box when selecting a name that reflects your personality.

The key is to choose a username that both piques your audience’s curiosity and demonstrates your genuineness. If you’re having problems coming up with a name that meets your criteria, use an Instagram username generator to assist you in finding the right username for your travel account.

Simply enter a few words that best describe you, and the generator will give you multiple username suggestions in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, if you know the name you want to use, the generator can check the availability of the username you’ve chosen before you start.

3. Use hashtags

Using hashtags will help you increase the traffic reach of your posts. Simply use hashtags related to traveling and adventures. Make a concerted effort to employ a sufficient number of them. Five or six should be enough; otherwise, your contributions may be seen as spam. Use hashtags that are easily found by travel enthusiasts. While trending, the proper hashtags will get you the most likes and followers, while unique hashtags will bring your posts in front of the right people.

If you struggle to come up with ideas about the hashtags for your posts, then you should try using the best IG hashtag generator to help you find the most relevant hashtags for your travel account. Simply add a few words that you believe best characterize the post you want to share, and the generator will provide many hashtag examples in a matter of seconds. It is an amazing way for many users to find and check your profile once they type in a hashtag that can easily lead to your profile.

what to share on travel Instagram account
Be yourself in all the photos you share on your travel Instagram account

4. Be authentic

Even if your goal is to build a profitable business, make sure your authenticity remains your top priority. Be yourself while remaining relatable. Never forget why people initially followed you. Most of them prefer to follow influencers and bloggers who look and act like them rather than celebrities.

Personalizing your content and engaging with your audiences is the key to winning people’s hearts and expanding your follower list. Always respond to their comments or direct messages, no matter how busy you are. It will convince your followers to come back to your profile and interact with your content.

travel Instagram photo how to
Pick the best photos for your travel Instagram account

5. Post high-quality photos

Whether you want to post about local or foreign travel destinations, keep in mind that engaging content will be more effective and influential than ineffective material. To ensure that this is achievable, post high-quality photos and write captions that will keep your audience engaged and intrigued. Making your Instagram travel account visually appealing is one of the most important things you can do, so make sure you only post photos and videos that are of high quality and interesting to your audience.

In addition to understanding the fundamentals of photography, many travel influencers use Instagram presets to improve their images. However, if you don’t want to spend money on presets, you may still improve your photos by learning how to use Instagram filters.

Finally, taking exceptional photographs does not necessarily mean you have to spend extra money on apps and filters to make good photos. Simply purchase a professional camera, which will allow you to generate some of your best footage.

how often to post on Instagram travel niche
Check your insights to find out how often to post on your travel Instagram account

6. Post regularly

You must plan your posts ahead of time and post them regularly. This way you will show your professionalism and seriousness about your account. Going to a profile on Instagram and finding only a few posts is one of the most unfavorable effects a user may have. It is essential to post high-quality content and share at least three to four posts during the day. The goal is to be consistent, avoid long periods of inactivity, and concentrate on sharing quality content.

7. Keep up with current trends

Joining social media trends will place you in front of millions of users immediately. It’ll be similar to getting free advertising for your services. However, for an effective Instagram campaign, avoid following trends blindly; instead, consider how you can make your account more original by mixing it with those trends and providing valuable pieces that will resonate with potential followers.

Following trends also means you’re willing to beat the competition. However, don’t forget to be unique while following some of the most popular trends. Instagram is all about creativity, so adjust those trends to suit your style.

how to grow your instagram travel account
Growing your travel Instagram account organically won’t happen overnight!

Final thoughts

Traveling is a wonderful and entertaining pastime, but turning it into a business requires effort and dedication. By applying unique ideas or providing intriguing facts to your followers, you can develop a very successful travel account. It is an opportunity to meet inspiring people and participate in activities you never thought possible. Travel and document your adventures on social media, and you may inspire other courageous spirits like yourself.

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