Travel wise: 4 best tips for vloggers

Travel Vloggers have been all around the globe since 2016. Meanwhile, they also gained the title of digital nomads.

Travel Vloggers post their videos on YouTube and on Facebook. This allows them to have a wider reach of audience. They hop from one place to another to experience a different culture, try new food, meet new people, and see the world.

Some stay in one place for a long time to really absorb the space they are in. Others choose to visit as many countries as they can in a year. They are people who share their exciting adventures and advice to travel wise through a video and at the same time while doing what they love. And they earn money from the content they produce.

However, they are not your normal tourists who just go on vacation. Digital Nomads visit places that are not always mainstream and so they discover new attractions or an authentic restaurant from a city or town. Thus, it is important for them to be aware of what’s going to cost them to head to their new destinations. So, if you are a newbie travel vlogger here are some tips to travel wise and help you sustain your kind of living!

Tips for vloggers to travel wise

travel wise tips cheap flights
Travel wise: Book your flights at the best time

1. Book at the right time

Once you have chosen the country or town you will visit, the first thing to take note to travel wise is your transportation. Will you be a voyager who chooses to travel by sea or are you fond of flying? If you are starting the journey in your country, you should know that many choose to travel by land when it is possible.

Knowing your mode of transportation will lead you to your first expense: booking a trip. If you’ve made up your mind as to how you will travel, what you need to check next are the dates. It is cheaper to book:

  • When there are flight sales
  • When you’re traveling out of season.

Travel agencies can help you in booking a trip even if your scheduled passage is far longer than the current day. Opting to book during the low season will save you some money because some travel destinations have different rates when they know that they are in demand. On the other hand, you can wait and hope for a flight on sale that’s heading to your destination.

travel wise tips cheap flights
Travel wise: make a list and stick to it

2. Make a checklist

Always have a checklist. Like a list of the stuff that you’re going to need because if you overpack you might have to pay extra baggage fees. But that’s a minor detail.

Make a checklist for the itinerary at your travel destination. I know, you want to be spontaneous and all that, but you have to keep in mind that if you are committed to being a travel vlogger you’ll never go a day without any expenses, so set spontaneity aside at first.

Check out the rates of the restaurants you want to eat in.

Check the resort or Airbnb you plan to sleep in. Accommodation should be a major point on your checklist. Considering your needs as a travel vlogger who might always be outdoors, is it really important to throw cash on a luxurious hotel? Most travel vloggers choose to stay at a hostel to travel wise. This helps them save a bit on extra expenses and get to know other travelers or even locals.

travel wise digital nomad content
Travel wise as a digital nomad: Create new content as you go

3. Continue content creation

Being a committed travel vlogger means the non-stop production of new content. Whether it’s a picture, a short video, or a full-length vlog, you must upload something constantly. Since this is your main source of income, despite wanting to enjoy all that you are experiencing, keep in mind that you need more money coming in than coming out to continue with this kind of lifestyle.

Posting constantly is at your advantage: you earn more viewers and then you earn more money. Most of the viewers want up-to-date vlogs instead of a compilation containing the whole vlog. The difficult job on your part is that you also need to make time for editing these videos.

You can opt for a vlog compilation but if you do that, you can’t leave your audience hanging and wondering where you have been. Therefore, I suggest you create short video montages of your daily experiences. You can speed up your videos to fit the amount of time you desire. Showing a minute or two of glimpses from your daily adventures won’t hurt you in editing. Plus, if you’re consistent with it, your viewers will anticipate your daily posts, ultimately leading to more income.

Another side tip: you can have a part-time job that you can bring with you anywhere for additional income.

travel wise as a brand ambassador
Travel wise: Become a brand ambassador

4. Look for sponsors

Last but not least, look for someone who can back your lifestyle. Being a travel vlogger is indeed extravagant. But if you find the right partners and companies then you are safe. Other vloggers do not shy away from emailing brands to sponsor their travels with a decent exchange of advertisements or postings. This is a wise move since you earn from the videos you post but you also have someone to provide for you in paying at least a percentage from your trip. This way, you aren’t the only one spending money on your adventures.

Final thoughts

Whether you are a newbie travel vlogger or a certified digital nomad, keep in mind that traveling does not mean you have to shell out all your money for a perfect trip. Remember that at the end of the day, your viewers are not after the luxurious yacht or the magnificent bathroom. Your viewers are following your destinations because they want to witness your adventures. Hoping that maybe one day, they will be able to experience what you have.

In conclusion, before trying to spend all your money on one destination keep in mind your main goal as a committed travel vlogger. What do you want your audience to see? What do you really need on this trip and what are just excesses? The fact that you are able to visit a different place as your job is exciting on its own so it’s important to make the right choices to travel wise to maximize your experience.

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