Pros and cons of low season travel

As we’ve discussed before, it’s easier to find cheap flights if you choose low season travel. There are many of us saving a lot of money on plane tickets by choosing to travel in the unpopular months.

It sounds appealing, right? But is this always the best way to get the best flight deals?

Decide for yourself after you consider the pros and cons of low season travel!

low season travel pros

Pros of low season travel

1. It’s easier to find cheap flights for low season travel

The top advantage of low season travel is getting cheap flights. It’s more difficult for airline companies to fill in all the empty seats during the off-season. Most of the time, it’s more convenient for them to fill in those seats at a lower cost than to cancel the whole flight. And that’s why they start offering attractive deals and discounts for the less popular months.

2. Many hotels and resorts become budget-friendly

Low season travel becomes even more appealing when you consider that accommodation is more affordable, too. Hotels and resorts offer off-season discounts, just like airline companies do. Every empty room is a financial loss for them, so they’re eager to have better travel deals than their competitors to get as many travelers as they can.

When you choose to travel in the low season you get to choose from a wider range of hotels and resorts. You may also end up staying in luxurious places only because their prices are finally within your range now. And that’s how you pamper yourself without feeling guilty about spending a fortune!

3. There are fewer tourists in your holiday photos

Do you want to relax in the South of France in the middle of summer? If yes, you’re not the only one. Luckily, those same places are beautiful in late spring and early autumn, too. If you wait for low season travel, there will be fewer tourists.

You will get to see destinations like Rome or Athens without waking at dawn to beat the crowds in order to get beautiful holiday photos. The lines to the most popular attractions will also be smaller. Off-season travel isn’t only more affordable, but also less stressful.

low season travel cons

The cons of low season travel

1. Maybe you can’t take time off

It may not be up to you when you go on holiday, but rather up to your employer. With my previous job, for example, I know from the start that I could never travel in June, the end of August and September. Because of this, booking a budget-friendly beach vacation was close to impossible.

You don’t hold all the cards when you have to travel to attend special events, such as a wedding or holidays with the family, either. It may be easy to save money with low season travel, but it may not always be up to you to choose when you go on a trip.

2. The discount may not be that great

It’s a fact that you will save money with low season travel. However, the amount of money you manage to save is debatable. It all depends on your destination and the airline you choose to fly. If waiting for the off-season only saves you a small amount of money, is it really worth postponing it? I don’t think so!

3. The weather may be fussy

There is a reason why popular destinations have low seasons: the weather. For example, New York City is a popular travel destination, but in the off-season, it’s covered in snow. On the opposite side, Colorado is less popular during the summer months because it’s a sought-after travel destination for those into winter sports.

Now that you know all the pros and cons of low season travel, you’re ready to make an informed decision about your next trip. What will you choose?

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