Travel websites: Pros and cons of travel deals

If you wish or have to travel in the next couple of months, you may go looking on travel websites. Widely popular travel sites are an awesome way to book your vacation. Many of them actually have special travel deals and discounts. And, for some, these travel deals mean they’ll save hundreds of dollars when booking their trip. For others, however, they don’t bring any benefits.

But how can you tell in which category you fit while booking your trip using travel websites? Are flight deals on most travel sites a good deal for you or not? This all depends on a lot of factors. And, to make a decision, you have to examine all the pros and cons of travel deals. After that, you can apply them to your personal situation and get your answer.

So, what are the pros and cons of travel deals offered by third-party travel websites?

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The pros of travel deals found on third-party travel websites

Whether in the form of travel agencies or flight aggregators, there are many travel websites out there for you to choose from. If you don’t believe me just do a simple internet search with the phrases travel websites or travel deals and you will be amazed by the number of results! Some of them specialize in domestic travel, others in international travel. All you have to do is narrow your search to find travel sites for specific holiday destinations.

Once you access a travel website, you will find a large selection of travel deals and discounts to take your pick. It’s quite common to find at least ten travel offers on one website. They can be for early booking or last-minute plane tickets, vacation packages and other travel perks. The best thing to do in order to get a good travel deal is to examine several travel websites and compare their money-saving offers. Yes, this will be time-consuming, but you can save hundreds of dollars on your next trip.

Travel deals and discounts are designed to help you save money, and that’s exactly what they’ll do. The only difficulty is to find a special deal to get you where you want or need to go. For example, if you are flying to a small town, which isn’t a big tourist attraction, it’s pretty hard to find some amazing travel deals. Most of the times, travel offers are for popular destinations, such as New York, Paris or London. As long as your destination is popular, you should be able to get a good travel deal and save some money.

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The cons of travel deals found on third-party travel sites

Airline companies want to fill as many seats as they can on all their flights. Each time a seat is empty, they lose money. As the departure date comes closer, these companies will offer discounts directly to travelers and/or third-party travel websites. That’s why most of the travel deals you’ll find are for last-minute trips.

It can be risky to wait if you are flying out to attend a special event, such as a wedding or a business meeting. Last-minute travel deals are perfect for those travelers who have money to spend and vacation time to use.

These travel deals and discounts have a pretty short life. Is’s usually going, going… gone! There are many other travelers out there looking to save money, so the available seats on cheap flights will disappear quickly. If you find a good travel deal or discount on a third-party travel site, there isn’t a lot of time for more research. You have to act on the spot!

Travel websites offer many travel deals and discounts, all you need is the patience to dig them out. If you do find a flight that fits your travel wants and/or needs, jump at the offer. You can definitely save some money this way. However, keep in mind that third-party travel sites are well-known to add extra fees. Before you make a reservation, read the fine print carefully. Make sure your cheap flight stays that way!

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6 Thoughts to “Travel websites: Pros and cons of travel deals”

  1. What a great summary of deals on travel sites. I totally agree that this may not be the way to go for anyone who needs to attend something like a wedding, but especially if you’re flexible and maybe even willing to do one city over another (e.g., Paris instead of London or vice versa), last-minute deals can be amazing. Thanks for sharing, Mirela!

  2. I´ve always wondered what it´s like to take advantage of Groupon travel deals. I´ve never heard any negative reviews so they must be pretty good, and the prices are often out of this world good! Would love to hear any first hand experience you have with booking discounted travel.

  3. Well shared, I dont count on travel sites when I go for travelling, I am now all by myself.

  4. I have heard that you can sometimes find good deals if you are flexible in your travel. I usually travel with my family so cant be that flexible. I do love finding good deals though.

  5. When it comes to flights, our experience has taught us that it’s best to book at the official websites of the airline, because third-party websites usually add extra fees that you don’t see in the initial price. And when you have to cancel or change a flight, or when your flight gets changed for any reason, it’s always easier to contact the official airline than going through third-party companies. Some airline companies do offer some good deals when you book very early or at last minute. And those are the deals we often jump on. 🙂

  6. You raise some really good points here. I’m a bit of a planner and need time to get my head around a big trip. Being spontaneous and booking something at the last minute doesn’t appeal to me, but I can see how you could snag some good deals that way.

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