Streets in Rome for relentless wanderers

On this page of The Travel Bunny’s free Rome travel guide, you can find the most important streets in Rome. You know, the ones that you’ll definitely end up taking to get to the best places to visit in Rome. And then, there are some lovely streets in Rome that are less known to tourists, perfect for an afternoon coffee or an evening stroll.

For each of these beautiful streets in Rome, you may find:

  • the name of that street in Rome and perhaps a photo;
  • a short description of that Rome street.

Via Bocca di Leone

Via Bocca di Leone is one of the lateral streets that intersects both Via Condotti and Via Borgogna. Like these other two streets close to Piazza di Spagna, Via Bocca di Leone is a favorite among luxury shoppers.

via borgogna street in rome
Beautiful streets in Rome: Via Borgogna

Via Borgogna

Via Borgogna runs parallel to Via Condotti. A paradise for luxury shoppers, it features some of the world’s most renowned fashion houses.

Via Cola de Rienzo

Shoppers can find quality high-end clothes and middle-quality clothes at more affordable prices in the shops on Via Cola de Rienzo. And, at the Castroni gourmet grocery store, foodies can explore traditional and international cuisine.

via condotti street in rome
Beautiful streets in Rome: Via Condotti

Via Condotti

Via Condotti runs parallel to Via Borgogna. Packed with grand fashion boutiques, Via Condotti is like Bond Street or Fifth Avenue of Rome. Bargain shoppers can still enjoy some window shopping unless they feel like making an exception and spend more on specific clothing apparel that caught their eye. Whichever type of shopper you are, be ready to face the sea of tourists that always crowds this street.

Via dei Banchi Vecchi

A small cobblestone street, Via dei Banchi Vecchi has interesting small shops, art galleries, and studios, plus some local organic shops and restaurants.

Via dei Cappellari

Narrow and quiet, the Via dei Cappellari is great to take a stroll. It’s one of those charming streets that make you feel like you’re in an Italian village instead of the busy capital city of Italy.

On Via dei Cappellari, shoppers can find clothing shops and small stores selling accessories and homeware items.

Via dei Coronari

Via dei Coronari is a quiet street where you can take cover when you’ve had enough of the noise in the nearby Piazza Navona. Besides a haven for travelers trying to escape regular tourists, Via dei Coronari is also interesting to visit for art and antique shoppers, though the street also has some cool clothing and accessories boutiques.

In May and October there are antique fairs on Via dei Coronari.

via dei giubbonari street in rome
Beautiful streets in Rome: Via dei Giubbonari

Via dei Giubbonari

The street takes its name after the traditional jackets called giubbotti, produced and sold to this day on Via dei Giubbonari. Shoppers can also find other good quality clothes at budget-friendly prices on Via dei Giubbonari.

Via del Babuino

Via del Babuino takes its name after the statue placed here, called by the Romans il babuino. Despite the name, it is actually one of the most elegant streets in Rome. Luxury shoppers are thrilled by the high-end fashion and antique shops on Via del Babuino.

Via del Boschetto

Via del Boschetto’s name means the street of the little wood, from the little trees, vineyards, and gardens that were built here in the 15th century. Today, the street has charming cafes and cute vintage shops where one c

via del corso boulevard in rome
Beautiful streets in Rome: Via del Corso

Via del Corso

One of the most important streets in Rome, part of the Trident, Via del Corso is home to all sorts of shops. Travelers and locals come here for its luxury boutiques and artisan workshops. It is also a favorite destination for evening walks in the heart of Rome.

via del governo vecchio street in rome
Beautiful streets in Rome: Via del Governo Vecchio

Via del Governo Vecchio

Near Piazza Navona lies the long Via del Governo Vecchio. Home to some of the beautiful palazzi in Rome, the statue parlanti in Piazza Pasquino, lots of vintage clothing shops, and lovely cafes, Via del Governo Vecchio, has a little something to satisfy the needs of almost anyone.

Book lovers should head here for the AltroQuando bookshop.

Via del Pellegrino

Not far from the Campo de’ Fiori, Via del Pellegrino awaits travelers and locals with lovely boutiques, art galleries, and awesome restaurants and cafes.

Book lovers who love to travel should stop at Libreria del Viaggiaore.

Via di Ripetta

Via di Ripetta starts in Piazza del Popolo and runs almost parallel to the Tiber, through Rome’s historical center. It’s also part of the streets that form the Trident.

Via Giulia

This chic street was designed by Bramante in the 16th century, at the order of Pope Julius II. Here, you can see Michelangelo’s unfinished viaduct, now covered in luscious ivy.

Shoppers can head to Via Giulia to discover its lovely artisan shops.

via margutta street in rome
Beautiful streets in Rome: Via Margutta

Via Margutta

Once home to cinema stars and musicians and featured in the movie Roman Holiday, Via Margutta is still known as an art hub, where artists live, work, and expose their creations.

Via Nazionale

A favorite for all types of shoppers, Via Nazionale is full of shops selling clothes, shoes, and bags. It is also one of the streets with some of the most interesting bookshops in Rome.

Via Sacra

Via Sacra was once the main street in Ancient Rome. It runs from the Capitoline Hill, through the Roman Forum, to the Colosseum.

Via Urbana

Another street that will make you forget you’re in Italy’s capital is Via Urbana. Besides shops with handmade clothes and objects, it also has some cool restaurants and cafes. One of them is Urbana 47, where traditional Italian food has been rethought to keep up with the times while still tasting homemade.

Via Veneto

Via Veneto is where movie stars used to hang out in the ’50s and the ’60s. Today, you can see here grand hotels and charming cafes.