How to make solo travel videos for YouTube

Want to create memorable solo travel videos for YouTube?

Looking for ways and steps to make them?

Travel videos should be informative about culture, food, people, and local attractions, and a sprinkle of historical facts with an interesting presentation.

You will discover tips, steps, and more in this article to become a YouTube video maker and an able communicator of ideas.

How to become a YouTube video maker
Shooting a solo travel video and hoping to become a YouTube video maker

How to become a YouTube video maker by creating solo travel videos

Solo travel videos mean you need to don multiple hats. From shooting, choosing a destination, researching about it, and editing to finally publishing on YouTube.

In addition, you are a YouTube video maker. It means you must be organized. So, chalk out your plan before picking up that video camera and traveling to the destination.

There are four basic steps of solo travel video making:

1. Storytelling

Human brains love stories. Prepare a plan to tell them a story that viewers find relatable. When people connect with the topic, they spend time watching the complete video. They also communicate through the comment section or contact details if you have shared them.

Don’t rush into shooting the video because shooting without a plan is planning to fail. Give sufficient time for thinking about a plot, structure, and points to cover in chronological order.

The purpose is to hook viewers through the entire solo travel video and give them something they can relate to.

2. Start video making

Once you prepare a storyline with the decision on video flow, place, etc., it is time to start shooting. While shooting, you need to take care of certain things such as:

  • Use a high-end video camera, suitable locations, and provide authentic information. Take some long shots, close shots, and extra shots to be used on the editing table.
  • Take the information about culture, history, and traditions from valid sources. YouTube has global viewership, and any misinformation could land a YouTube video maker in troubled waters. 
  • Traveling tips should be for all categories of people with due respect and avoid any negative attention. Mention all available modes of transportation, stay, and local attractions.
  • Your followers and viewers might refer to your video to travel to said destinations. So, as a YouTube video maker, include only verified info about hotels, foods, and other details.

how to edit solo travel video for YouTube
Learn how to edit solo travel video for YouTube

3. Edit solo travel video for YouTube

A YouTube video maker who creates solo travel videos must be a multi-tasker. Therefore, after shooting the video, you must bring it to the editing table and make some cosmetic changes to make it ready to publish on YouTube.

Fortunately, there is a whole bouquet of video editors online that makes your work easier and more convenient. Let us go through the steps to edit videos on the YouTube video editor tool and publish them on YouTube for streaming.

Step 1

Browse a YouTube video editor tool, explore its features, and finalize the best software for the purpose.

Step 2

Once you do all the edits, play and check your solo travel video. Make changes if required, and download the final polished and professional travel video for the audience.

Step 3

After a tour of the tool, it’s time to start editing. You can do multiple things such as trim, add audio, music, crop, filters, subtitles, and a lot more. Add catchy sub-headings and thumbnails to attract viewers, backed with solid video content to keep them hooked for the entire travel video.

Step 4

Once all edits are done, play and check your travel video. Make changes if requires and finally download the final polished and professional travel video for the audience.

4. Publish and promote

Once you have a travel video ready, it is time to upload it to your YouTube channel. If you are a beginner YouTube video maker, create a channel first.

Once your solo travel video clicks with the target audience, it will show followers, shares, and comments. Ensure to reply to every message, create and post frequent travel videos, and keep them engaging always.

solo travel video tips from a vlogger
YouTube vlogger making a solo travel video

Miscellaneous vlogger tips for consideration

Another crucial consideration for making solo travel videos for YouTube are types of videos and the equipment to carry.

Types of solo travel videos

Here are the different types of videos you can consider making using the YouTube video maker.

1. Vlogs

Blogs are written content, and Vlogs are video content. Here we are concerned with video content you want to share through traveling. These types of videos are personal and based on reality, and often YouTube video makers post them raw without editing or minor touches.

2. Travel guide videos

Videos with titles like How to travel Ganga Sagar, Ten things to do in Shimla, etc., act as guides to travel. People refer to them before planning their tour. As a YouTube video maker who creates solo travel videos, you can help them make travel plans with these videos.

Here again, keep authentic and updated information. Suppose people find a contradiction in video content and reality. Then, they will not watch your videos again, so provide the right fodder to stay relevant.

3. Niche travel videos

You can also target a niche segment through travel videos such as food travel, wildlife travel, etc. Here you shoot one particular aspect and build a video around that.

For example, suppose you want to create videos for foodies. You can travel to Shimla and explore its local cuisine. You can shoot an entire video about the history & origin of the particular food, how to cook it, its importance, etc.

4. Promotional Videos

Create an About me travel video and integrate it into your website. You can share on YouTube to put a face, voice, and story behind the person for your subscribers and followers. It gives credibility, trust, and people connect on a personal level.

Equipment and things a YouTube video maker needs for solo travel videos

Here is a list of must-have equipment if you are planning to make a solo travel video.

  • Hi-definition Camera and Video Recorder
  • Extra Batteries and Power bank
  • Memory Cards
  • Tripods or Monopods or Stabilisers
  • Lights, Flashes, and Reflectors
  • Microphones and Audio Recorders
  • Cleaning Tools and Clothes
  • Laptops and External Hard Drives
  • Backpack – including daily requirements and tent arrangements.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that solo travel videos for YouTube need multitasking. But the rewards are much higher than the effort. YouTube has over 467 million users in India, over 247 million active users in the USA, and millions of people across the Globe. Therefore, the reach for your travel video is unlimited and unparalleled.

To reap the benefits, make your story entertaining, engaging, and value driven. Don’t wait; create your solo travel video now and become a YouTube video maker!

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