afternoon in athens

A rainy afternoon in Athens

The day after going up on Lycabettus Hill, it rained a lot so we spent there a lot of time in the apartment. But when it stopped, we spent a lovely afternoon in Athens. My father wasn’t feeling so well, therefore when we finally did go out, it was just me and Mathieu. So join us on our lazy afternoon in Athens and stumbled upon interesting things. How do you spend an afternoon in Athens? As someone who has spent an ample amount of time exploring Athens, I can confidently say that spending an afternoon in this city is a …

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go up on lycabettus hill what to do in athens

What to do in Athens: Go up on Lycabettus Hill

After we visited Piraeus, we spent the remaining days in the heart of the Greek Capital. And, to take a better look at all the incredible places to visit in Athens, we went up to Lycabettus Hill, the highest point of the city. Therefore, when you’re wondering what to do in Athens, go up here. You’ll soon get some inspiration on what to visit next! Together with the Acropolis and Philopappos Hill, Lycabettus Hill is a great place to view the entire city of Athens. In one gaze, you can see from the center of Athens to the coast, in …

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athens coastal tram ride

Riding the Athens coastal tram

While on a visit to Piraeus, Mathieu and I made plans to sail the Mediterranean while sipping on Sangrias. It was during our family trip to Athens, but my parents went on the Athens coastal tram ride instead. To give you an idea of both ways to go on a visit to Piraeus, I asked my mother to put down in words their side of that day. So below you have my mother’s story of their ride on the Athens coastal tram! Getting to the Athens Coastal Tram The winding roads of Piraeus, in Athens, reveal with each turn the …

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visit to piraeus

How the visit to Piraeus changed our lives

On the first days of our family trip to Athens, we visited the Acropolis and Anafiotika, followed by Monastiraki and the Roman vestiges in Plaka. But this was Greece, and I just couldn’t bear being there without seeing the sea. So I convinced everyone to go on a visit to Piraeus! Once a separate city, Piraeus is now part of Athens. The capital city of Greece is growing more horizontally than vertically, covering 39 km² in 2016. (And Greater Athens covers 583 km²!) I was truly excited about finally getting to one of Europe’s most important harbors throughout history and …

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places to visit in athens

Places to visit in Athens: Monastiraki and Plaka

Welcome to the historic and picturesque neighborhoods of Monastiraki and Plaka in Athens! These two neighborhoods are a must-visit for any traveler who wants to dive into the rich cultural heritage of Greece. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through some of the best places to visit in Athens, focusing on these two areas. Monastiraki, which means “little monastery” in Greek, is named after the Church of the Pantanassa that was once located here. Today it’s a bustling area filled with countless shops selling souvenirs, antiques, and traditional foods such as bougatsa – a flaky pastry stuffed with sweet …

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