Riding the Athens coastal tram

While on a visit to Piraeus, Mathieu and I made plans to sail the Mediterranean while sipping on Sangrias. It was during our family trip to Athens, but my parents went on the Athens coastal tram ride instead.

To give you an idea of both ways to go on a visit to Piraeus, I asked my mother to put down in words their side of that day. So below you have my mother’s story of their ride on the Athens coastal tram!

How far is Athens from the beach?

As you may already know, Athens is a fascinating city that boasts numerous attractions and historical landmarks. However, if you’re someone who loves to relax and soak up some sun, then the beach might be calling your name. So how far is Athens from the coast?

Fortunately, with the advent of modern public transportation such as trams, getting to the nearest coastlines has never been more convenient! The Athens Coastal Tram is an excellent option for anyone looking for a unique and scenic way to explore the city’s magnificent coastline.

You can take tram line 3 or the Athens seaside tram which connects central parts of Athens with the southern suburbs’ sandy beaches. This tramway covers 22 kilometers of coast along with attractive spots like Flisvos Marina or snack bars in Glyfada beachside, as it makes its way through picturesque neighborhoods such as Kalamaki and Alimos before reaching its final destination at Voula Beach.

However, it’s also essential to note that aside from trams Athens other modes of transportation are also available, including buses and taxis. So distances may vary depending on factors peculiarities such as traffic jams amongst others.

So be sure not to miss out on exploring beautiful Athens coastal resorts accessible through these trams while also indulging in authentic Greek cuisines and cultural nuances along the way!

How do I get from Athens Centre to the beach?

If your goal is to enjoy Athens’ stunning beaches, then consider taking the Athens coastal tram! This iconic mode of transportation meanders along a picturesque route that takes you past some of the city’s most alluring seascapes and oceanfront views. Accessing the tram from various points in the city center is uncomplicated.

To start your journey, Syntagma Square is a popular station to hop on board. Take Metro line 1 towards downtown Piraeus, get off at Neo Faliro, and take tram routes T5 or T4 towards Agia Marina, both ending up at SEF Eurodromi stop. If you find yourself farther east around Ambelokipi or Katehaki areas, simply board one of the tram lines heading towards the Athenian Riviera-Glyfada Route.

As you relax aboard this charming vehicle, prepare for an awe-inspiring expedition through breathtaking beach stops such as Glyfada Beach loved by the locals, or Voula Beach which attracts families and/or sunset enthusiasts.

Travel time will vary based on destination but generally averages about 45 minutes from City Center stations (like Evangelismos or Ixnilatis) to Glyfada. Boarding East-end stations (such as Tzitzifies) can double travel times.

The Beach Tram experience will provide scenic sights of the Saronic Gulf waters and remarkable architecture throughout Greece’s rich cultural history glimmering under the sun’s rays, mixed with a soundscape-filled Mediterranean breeze hitting away your cheeks. The unmatched aesthetics and functionality of the spacious side doors for easy accessibility make this tram the perfect choice to get around the Athens Riviera.

If experiencing Greece’s natural beauty while enjoying comfortable air-conditioned cabins & free WiFi sounds appealing, don’t miss riding the famous Athens Coastal Tram running along the city and its coast to reach popular beach resorts. You’ll relish unbeatable sights of both sea and architectural landscapes all while indulging in a truly unique transportation experience!

athens coastal tram by the beach
Tram Athens beach view

Getting to the Athens Coastal Tram

The winding roads of Piraeus, in Athens, reveal with each turn the slightly deserted appearance of the buildings and the slightly exotic air of the palms. It is a lot to cover in one day, and we wanted to take in as much as we could from the sights, therefore we went searching for the Athens coastal tram.

The streets of Piraeus go up and down hills, so our walk on the tall seashore to the Athens coastal tram was slow. And it made us feel like we truly deserved a break at one of the taverns with rooftop terraces. There, besides a cold Mythos or a tasty orange juice, you also get a great view of the Aegean Sea, with the line of the horizon broken only by the shapes of boats of all sizes.

After a well-deserved break, and with renewed strength, one can continue by foot or by bus to the Athens coastal tram.

What beach is in Athens by tram?

When it comes to discovering the many beautiful beaches of Athens, there’s no better way than exploring them by tram. The Athens Coastal Tram offers a unique and scenic route that takes you along the stunning coastline, offering unobstructed views of Greece’s picturesque landscapes.

One highly recommended beach that can be accessed via tram is Glyfada Beach. This popular stretch of sand offers crystal-clear waters ripe for swimming or sunbathing on its sandy expanse. Those looking to enjoy water sports such as parasailing or water skiing are also in luck as these activities can be easily arranged at the beach.

Traveling from Central Athens to Glyfada Beach is simple with the use of the city’s vast public transportation network which includes both trams and buses. Alternatively, visitors can choose to drive themselves and park their cars either on-street or in one of several designated parking areas nearby before hopping onto one of Athens’s famous trams.

Other beaches worth considering are Faliro Beach located next to Flisvos Marina, Alimos Beach with crystal blue waters, Voula & Voulagmeni known for its natural beauty, Lagonisi where tourists can experience a luxurious sea view while having a meal at posh cafes overlooking magnificent sunset views, and Anavyssos with its bars playing live music till dawn.

athens coastal tram seaside
View from Athens tram to beach

On the Athens Coastal Tram

As a tourist, I considered the seaside tramway Athens a brilliant idea: taking a tram ride on the seashore. It is comfortable, accessible, pleasant, and new. You just relax on the chairs strategically placed to face large windows and you have the marine landscape parading in front of you. It’s only interrupted now and then by vividly colored oleanders, beaches with long chairs and umbrellas, or wilder beaches, boasting only the shade of the trees from the promenade.

At the beginning of the Athens coastal tram ride you might feel a bit disappointed by the fields of the Sports Complex Flisvos Marina, blocking the view to the sea, but, later on, the tracks get closer to the water. You start seeing more and more often beaches, marinas with small yachts, parks with sports terrains, restaurants, bars or cafés on the sand, and then the more modern Glyfada resort or the more distant Voula or Vouliagmeni.

How far is Glyfada from Athens?

Lucky for us, the Athens coastal tram offers a convenient and scenic mode of transportation that takes you directly to Glyfada.

This tram Glyfada line starts at Syntagma Square in central Athens and runs south along the coastline to Voula. The tram to Glyfada from Syntagma takes you on a ride that lasts about 40 minutes on average, making it an excellent option for those looking for a leisurely excursion or beach day away from crowded downtown Athens.

There are also plenty of buses running daily between Athens city center and Glyfada, as well. From downtown Athens, bus lines E22 or A2 will take you straight to Glyfada’s popular shopping district on Poseidonos Avenue.
As far as distance goes, Glyfada is approximately 15 kilometers (9 miles) southeast of central Athens.

Pro tip: check out Athens trams times during rush hour because depending on when one travels to the beach, the traffic conditions can affect the journey time during high-traffic periods!

hop on hop off athens coastal tram
The seaside seen from the coastal tram line Athens or tram Piraeus

Hopping on and off the Athens Coastal Tram

You can also hop off and hop on at any station of the Glyfada Beach Athens tram, should you wish to take a closer look at a place you like or got curious about. It is very convenient to do so because the ticketing system allows it at no extra cost.

We took a break from our Athens beach tram ride on an almost deserted beach, where, at the beginning of May, we weren’t shy to take some barefoot steps. Just to remember how the sea, the sand, and the seashells feel on Greece’s seashore.

Discover the best of the Athens seaside with this coastal tram!

As I wrap up this article about the Athens coastal tram, it is clear that many different types of travelers may be interested in exploring this unique transportation option. From tourists seeking a scenic route to locals looking for an alternative way to travel along the coast, there is no shortage of people searching for information about the Athens coastal tram.

As one discovers the coast with this tram line, they are being treated to breathtaking views of some of Athens’ most picturesque seaside areas. Whether you are looking to visit popular beaches such as Glyfada Beach or simply enjoy a stroll along the city’s coastline, the Athens coastal tram offers something for everyone.

For those planning their trip around this iconic city, it is important to note that Piraeus and other key points can be conveniently accessed via this mode of transport. Additionally, beachgoers will appreciate not having to worry about navigating public transit routes while carrying all their beach gear.

While researching Athens beaches by tram, it becomes apparent that riding on these trams has become somewhat of a beloved pastime among both locals and visitors alike. Not only does its convenience make getting around easier than ever before but it also provides an excellent opportunity for sightseeing during your travels.

So whether you’re searching specifically for things to do at Athens seaside or just trying to find new ways to explore Greece’s capital city, taking a ride on this tram should absolutely be high on your list! It offers endless opportunities for adventure and stunning panoramic vistas sure to delight any traveler. So climb aboard — next stop: Riviera Athens! Kalimera!

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