Riding the Athens coastal tram

While on a visit to Piraeus, Mathieu and I made plans to sail the Mediterranean while sipping on Sangrias. It was during our family trip to Athens, but my parents went on the Athens coastal tram ride instead.

To give you an idea of both ways to go on a visit to Piraeus, I asked my mother to put down in words their side of that day. So below you have my mother’s story of their ride on the Athens coastal tram!

athens coastal tram by the beach

Getting to the Athens Coastal Tram

The winding roads of Piraeus, in Athens, reveal with each turn the slightly deserted appearance of the buildings and the slightly exotic air of the palms. It is a lot to cover in one day, and we wanted to take in as much as we could from the sights, therefore we went searching for the Athens coastal tram.

The streets of Piraeus go up and down hills, so our walk on the tall seashore to the Athens coastal tram was slow. And it made us feel like we truly deserved a break at one of the taverns with rooftop terraces. There, besides a cold Mythos or a tasty orange juice, you also get a great view of the Aegean Sea, with the line of the horizon broken only by the shapes of boats of all sizes.

After a well-deserved break, and with renewed strength, one can continue by foot or by bus to the Athens coastal tram.

athens coastal tram seaside

On the Athens Coastal Tram

As a tourist, I considered this a brilliant idea: taking a tram ride on the seashore. It is comfortable, accessible, pleasant and new. You just relax on the chairs strategically placed to face large windows and you have the marine landscape parading in front of you. It’s only interrupted every now and then by vividly colored oleanders, beaches with long chairs and umbrellas, or wilder beaches, boasting only the shade of the trees from the promenade.

At the beginning of the Athens coastal tram ride you might feel a bit disappointed by the fields of the Sports Complex Flisvos Marina, blocking the view to the sea, but, later on, the tracks get closer to the water. You start seeing more and more often beaches, marinas with small yachts, parks with sports terrains, restaurants, bars or cafés on the sand, and then the more modern Glyfada resort or the more distant Voula or Vouliagmeni.

hop on hop off athens coastal tram

Hopping on and off the Athens Coastal Tram

You can also hop off and hop on in any station, should you wish to take a closer look in a place you like or got curious about. It is very convenient to do so because the ticketing system allows it at no extra cost.

We took a break on an almost deserted beach, where, at the beginning of May, we weren’t shy to take some barefoot steps. Just to remember how the sea, the sand, and the seashells feel on Greece’s seashore.


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