Our unplanned family trip to Athens

Last spring, the very next day after arriving in Bucharest from Rome, we got on a plane to go on a family trip to Athens. While it was Mathieu’s first time visiting Greece, I was returning for the ninth or tenth time. However, it was my first visit to Athens.

I was very curious to see the capital and discover more of Greece’s history. At the same time, I was wondering if Athens resembled the rest of Greece or if it was completely different. Read on and come on a family trip to Athens with me!

athens seen during family trip to athens

How we ended up going on a family trip to Athens

Mathieu and I ended up going on a trip to Athens because my parents were planning the trip. I heard them talking about it early in the planning and I asked if the two of us could join them. Of course, the answer was yes, and my dad started looking for an apartment where we’d all stay comfortably.

My dad handled most of the planning of this vacation. It was very refreshing to just go on a trip and enjoy it, considering the amount of research and planning went into our travels to Italy.

traffic in athens when getting to athens from the airport

Getting to Athens from the Airport

While we had left right after our Rome holiday, our flight for our family trip to Athens arrived late in the afternoon. At our destination, a private driver was waiting for us. Nothing fancy, though. The owner of our apartment had recommended him and for four people it was actually more convenient than taking the train or a taxi.

The traffic was quite heavy in our opinion. However, our driver, Kostas, said it was pretty OK for that hour of the day. It took us around an hour to get from the airport to the apartment, located in the heart of Athens. Luckily, Kostas was very friendly, talkative, funny, and full of useful travel tips, so we found the drive quite entertaining!

Where to stay in Athens

The apartment my father chose was a bit larger than necessary: it had three bedrooms, though it was only the four of us, sleeping in pairs. However, the value for money was much better when comparing it to two-bedroom apartments in areas which were farther away from the center of Athens.

Our air-conditioned apartment in Athens also had a large living room, a fully-equipped kitchen, and two bathrooms. The two bathrooms were a must to not waste a lot of time waiting around while getting ready for going out or for going to bed.

The owners were a lovely couple. They waited for us to arrive, greeted us, and gave us a tour of the apartment. Then they spent some time giving us useful travel advice: where to eat nearby and the best neighborhoods to dine in Athens, where to shop for souvenirs, and what we shouldn’t miss visiting.

We truly enjoyed our stay here and felt right at home, so we couldn’t recommend this more: this is the best place to stay in Athens!

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pita gyros in athens greece

First dinner in Athens: Pita Gyros & Souvlaki

After the owners left and we chose our bedrooms, it was already dinner time. We were quite tired, so we only went to a nearby restaurant which the owners recommended earlier. And we weren’t that hungry either, so the pita Gyros and Souvlaki we chose were perfect. I had been longing for a Gyros for so long! It wasn’t the best, but after such a long break it hit the spot!

After a satisfying dinner, we turned in early. Our family trip to Athens was truly beginning the next day, with a visit to the famous Acropolis!

11 Thoughts to “Our unplanned family trip to Athens”

  1. I’ve been to Greece, but not Athens. It sounds like the apartment is in a great location, had plenty of room, and it is always helpful when the owners are gracious and give advice. I so love Greek food and I’d love to bite into a gyro right now.

  2. Sounds like your dad did a lot of planning for this trip. We had a family trip to Athens that I skipped out on. My parents and sister still talk about how much fun they had and which restaurants they stayed at. For the life of me, I can’t think of why I turned it down. This sounds like a perfect cross generational travel trip.

  3. Athens is a great city. A few years ago we were traveling there with our daughter. It’s a city, where you can experience history and, frankly, I’ve learned quite a bit from history lessons at school there. Thanks for reminding me with your article.

  4. I’ve been to Thessaloniki but not Athens. So thus us just the intro to your real discovery . Great apartment!

  5. Haven’t been to Athens, just Thessaloniki. So this is just an intro. Great apartment you found!

  6. Ketki

    I almost visited Athens last year but some last minute changes happened and I couldn’t make it. It is so amazing and I hope to make it there sometime. Nice post.

  7. I hated driving in Athens a few months ago and I was staying in a resort near the airport. So average time for me was about an hour to the centre but the traffic was always heavy. Really hated it. I even parked the car up once at the airport and caught the subway into the centre, and that took forever as well. Not one of my favourite cities in Europe for getting around in. 🙁

  8. I enjoy researching and planning my trips. But I agree with you, sometimes is nice when someone else plans a trip for you. And family trips are always special as every member of the family keeps their own memories and you share them as long as you live.

  9. Yukti

    Your unplanned trip to Athens looks interesting. Right from picking up on airport by Kostas and your spacious apartment everything looks cool. Also I too miss Gyros from Athens.

  10. Being deeply interested in Greek history and mythology Athens has always been a source of great fascination for us. Though we have not visited there and hope to someday, we have read a lot about the place and seem somehow connected. Nice to read about your experiences, also was impressed with the Apartment you stayed in and the hospitality of the owners. I guess staying in an apartment is a nice option as against hotels.

  11. Athens is always a great place to visit and definitely EAT! The souvlaki brought me back to my last visit to Athens where I had a killer food tour. So many awesome things to see. Thanks for the apartment recommendation.

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