travel to athens risks

Travel to Athens – what to look out for

Travel can be refreshing, but it’s often dangerous, especially when we speak about traveling to a different continent. You know that a car accident lawyer will have your back if you get into an accident at home, but what do you do when you’re abroad? Being abroad and driving on a road trip can be dangerous, but if you are prepared then it shouldn’t be as terrifying as it sounds. If you are going away and you are going to be driving, you need to make sure that you are covered with better insurance than you have at home. Make …

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day trips from athens

12 amazing day trips from Athens worth every cent

While there is a lot of history in Athens, hence the many archaeological sites and museums, depending on your interests the Greek Capital may not occupy your entire holiday. Or maybe you have a lot of time to spend when you visit the city of Athens. Either way, it would be nice to explore the surrounding treasures without venturing out too far from the hotel you’ve already paid for. So here are 12 amazing day trips from Athens, to really get to know Greece! The list starts with the usual recommendations, but you’ll find the off-the-beaten-path experiences towards the end! 1. …

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things to do in athens

Top 10 things to do in Athens

There are many cultural and fun things to do in Athens. However, there are some you shouldn’t skip in order to get the ultimate Greek experience. Follow this list and you will discover the real Athens, the one only true travelers get to know! 1. Visit the Acropolis of Athens You can not visit Athens and skip visiting the icon of the Greek Capital! The Parthenon is something that everyone must visit in the city of Athens. Built between 447 and 438 BC, the massive building is dedicated to the Goddess Athena, the patron god of Athens. In the beginning, as a Greek temple, …

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secrets of athens

Uncover the secrets of Athens!

The city of Athens is usually on every traveler’s list, mostly because of its historic importance. Once people finally get to the Greek Capital, they must see the Parthenon and the rest of the Acropolis area. They might venture out a bit to the most important archaeological sites and museums of Athens, and… that’s about it. However, if you don’t want your holiday to look like everybody else’s, read on to uncover the secrets of Athens! Go to less-visited archaeological sites While there is an abundance of archaeological sites in the city of Athens, some are more crowded than others. Looking beyond the Acropolis and the Ancient …

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afternoon in athens

A rainy afternoon in Athens

The day after going up on Lycabettus Hill, it rained a lot so we spent there a lot of time in the apartment. But when it stopped, we spent a lovely afternoon in Athens. Actually, my father wasn’t feeling so well, therefore when we finally did go out, it was just me and Mathieu. So join us on our lazy afternoon in Athens and stumbled upon interesting things. A visit to the Herakleidon Museum We started by visiting the Herakleidon Museum, with displays about science, art, and mathematics. It was Mathieu’s choice. His interest in this museum sparked up every time we …

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go up on lycabettus hill what to do in athens

What to do in Athens: Go up on Lycabettus Hill

After our visit to Piraeus, we spent the remaining days in the heart of the Greek Capital. And, to take a better look at all the incredible places to visit in Athens, we went up on Lycabettus Hill, the highest point of the city. Therefore, when you’re wondering what to do in Athens, go up here. You’ll soon get some inspiration on what to visit next! Together with the Acropolis and Philopappos Hill, Lycabettus Hill is a great place to view the entire city of Athens. In one gaze, you can see from the center of Athens all the way to the coast, in Piraeus. Find out how to get …

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places to visit in athens

Places to visit in Athens: Monastiraki and Plaka

After our visit to the famous Acropolis, the third day in the Greek Capital was for exploring even more outdoor places to visit in Athens on foot. We ate some bougatsa for breakfast near our apartment, then went to the subway. We got out at Monastiraki Square, a very lively and crowded area in the city of Athens. Therefore it took a bit of time to get our bearings and get on our way. You can see how confused we looked that morning in the animated photo below: Church of St. Mary Pantanassa, in Monastiraki Square The church which is in the background of the image …

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