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Travel can be refreshing, but it’s often dangerous, especially when we speak about traveling to a different continent. You know that a car accident lawyer will have your back if you get into an accident at home, but what do you do when you’re abroad? Being abroad and driving on a road trip can be dangerous, but if you are prepared then it shouldn’t be as terrifying as it sounds. If you are going away and you are going to be driving, you need to make sure that you are covered with better insurance than you have at home. Make sure that you aren’t going to be left stranded if you end up in an accident, and you need to know who to call. It’s likely that you’ll never have a car accident while you are road-tripping abroad, but you can never be too careful.

Traveling to a foreign country certainly has a dose of mystery and adventure, but that does not mean you should not be prepared for accidents and scams. Specifically, when you travel to Athens, the enchanting and historic capital of Greece may seem exciting – and it is, believe me! – but you should be careful about your safety and your money because there is a chance that some people will try to deceive you or steal from you.

Of course, no one wants that, wherever they may go in Europe. And while it’s not a rule that you’ll find yourself at risk when you travel to Athens, it’s best to be prepared and avoid all the red flags. This travel article will give you a series of tips on what to do before your trip and during your vacation in order to return home safely. That way, you’ll enjoy gathering wonderful travel memories from an unquestionably beautiful city that has been on your bucket list for quite some time. So let’s see what you have to keep an eye out for a while you are in the Greek capital city!

Keep a low profile to not become a target

Criminals often target tourists for theft of valuables, which many travelers keep or display in public. Also, many travelers, with some specific actions, offer tell signs to others about their situation. Actions such as looking like you are lost, holding a map in your hands, having a camera of value hung around your neck, or even speaking loudly in a language that is not native to Greece can easily turn you into a target in downtown Athens..

The clothes you wear when you travel to Athens can also attract attention. All this may seem insignificant and maybe even funny, but if you pay special attention to them, you may get rid of other but more unpleasant incidents.

Pay extra attention to these details when using Athens metro and other public transportation. Or when you travel to Athens from some of the nearby Greek islands by ferry.

travel to athens by taxi
Choose your transportation carefully when you travel to Athens from the airport

Don’t use informal means of transportation

As soon as you leave the airport, watch out for people approaching you with transfer options. Their offer could be a half-price private tour or a cheaper taxi to take you to your hotel, but all too often, these “cheap deals” turn out to be a scam or something more serious that could put your physical integrity at risk.

When you travel to Athens from the airport, make sure that the taxi you choose has a meter and that the driver activates it when you start the trip. You should even discuss the payment in advance if you don’t want to be deceived when you’re trying to get to your destination in central Athens.

Keep this in mind when you travel around the Greek capital to discover ancient Athens or to the beaches on the Athens riviera.

Secure your hotel room well

Hotel rooms are broken into quite often. Keep the curtains closed so that intruders don’t have enough light to locate your belongings too fast. The longer they stay, the higher the chances for them to get caught.

The ground floor rooms are more easily accessible to potential intruders, so, if possible, choose one of the rooms located on superior levels when you travel to Athens. Also, do not forget to lock your door, whether you are inside the room or outside.

travel to athens cybersecurity
Make sure you’re digitally safe while you travel to Athens

Watch out for cyberattacks when you travel to Athens

You may be visiting old Athens, but you shouldn’t forget about modern-day risks. Hackers connect to insecure public wifi hotspots to choose their targets. For travelers, free internet can sound like a fantastic idea, but you risk putting all your personal information and data at risk in reality. The violation of your electronic devices is quite common, especially today when we all have a mobile device in our hands.

Keep your valuables in safe places

The most common incidents are frivolous thefts that occur to travelers, from having their wallets stolen to getting their entire bag taken. All of these incidents occur in crowded places, such as airports or train stations or squares like Monastiraki, Syntagma, and several places in Plaka. So keep your items safe, making them difficult for thieves to access. Losing your wallet when you travel to Athens would definitely turn your vacation into an unfortunate adventure, especially in a foreign country like Greece.

In such a case, you may need the legal advice of a reputable local lawyer, who will know all the necessary formal procedures that should be carried out in order to find a solution to your theft case. A lawyer from a law firm in Athens, Greece is the ideal solution for your legal representation and support during this unfortunate event.

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