The pros and cons of tailor-made tours

Tailor-made tours are increasingly seen in the tastes of modern travelers. One could say that it is a modern trend, which is here to stay. It’s a modern trend that focuses more on personalizing a trip to offer a unique and rare experience to every traveler.

Of course, it differs greatly from the corresponding integrated travel group packages, focusing more on creating an overall experience for travel group members. After all, are tailor-made tours the perfect proposition for your travels with family and friends? Can they offer you something more than a tour group of people can not offer you? Let’s find out by analyzing the pros and cons of this new method of travel experiences:

Tailor-made tours advantages

Let’s start with the advantages of personalized tours, which are important and greatly affect a trip’s overall experience. The majority of modern travelers choose a different way of experiencing a trip, which does not follow the trampled, but instead offers them a truly unique travel experience. For example, an elderly traveler will appreciate a unique adventure trip. Tailor made trips are based mainly on the following advantages:

tailor-made tours advantages
Privacy is one of the best advantages of tailor-made tours


One of the most important factors of tailor made travel is, of course, privacy. Do not forget that your travel experience should be clearly personal, sharing and living these unique moments only with those people close to you. You are free from the “weight” of a group of strangers moving as a whole, with all the limitations that come with it.

Flexible Dates

Flexible dates is something easy to understand. They are flexible towards you and your personal needs. You don’t try to adjust your schedule and your time to them – like when you book regular group tours – but on the contrary: you have complete control over your vacation itinerary and planning. After all, the experience of travel is entirely yours, isn’t it?

Flexible difficulty levels

When I say “difficulty levels”, I mean some activities in a regular vacation package may not suit your needs and desires. You can avoid anything you may consider not worth your time, and just focus on those things that you’re truly interested in doing and discovering. Just choose them from you tailor made tour suggestions.

Custom accommodation

You have complete control over your accommodation when you book tailor made holidays. Whether this accommodation is a hotel room, a rental house, or a private villa, it’s entirely up to you.

Private tour of all historical sites

During a tailor made trip to a new destination, especially one with a rich history, you should visit its archaeological sites and learn about its rich history up close. For example, Greece is a country with an incredible past, which you have to uncover during your visit. Responding to this demand, the company Greek Travel Tellers is the ideal solution. Its specialized team of professional scientists possesses all the vast knowledge of ancient Greece. They can uniquely transfer to you all the information and knowledge you need through exclusively private tours, in all the must-see archaeological sites of Greece.

Tailor-made tours disadvantages

There are definitely some disadvantages to this form of tour guide, although it may be the ideal choice for planning our travels to various holiday destinations:

tailor-made tours cost
Tailor-made tours cost more


The cost of tailor-made tours is clearly higher because, as we’ve covered above, they offer more comfort and freedom of movement. And these aren’t easy or cheap for your tour guide to obtain for your custom journey.

They also lack spontaneity just as travel groups

Although private tours give you more flexibility in your movements, you are still “forced” to follow a schedule. The unexpected events are avoided and actually planned against by the operators of tailor-made tours. This choice can limit you significantly, but there are some who find comfort in the idea that nothing can go wrong. In the end, you get what you pay for: a completely carefree vacation.

In conclusion, I would say that the disadvantages of private tours are minimal. In fact, those who want a real travel experience without the burden of an entire travel group will surely find in this option the ideal solution for their vacation.

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