A rainy afternoon in Athens

The day after going up on Lycabettus Hill, it rained a lot so we spent there a lot of time in the apartment. In addition, my father wasn’t feeling so well, therefore when we finally did go out, it was just me and Mathieu. The two of us spent a lazy afternoon in Athens and stumbled upon interesting things.

A visit to the Herakleidon Museum

We started by visiting the Herakleidon Museum, with displays about science, art, and mathematics.

It was Mathieu’s choice. His interest in this museum sparked up every time we passed one of its two buildings on the street. That’s why we jumped on the first opportunity to visit it!

Though I couldn’t take any photos, it was a really interesting visit. We saw an exhibition on Ancient Chinese Science and Technology. It was supposed to end on 29 April 2018, but we caught it at the beginning of May and it was still there. Lucky, I guess!

The most interesting part was the demonstration of how they made paper. The courtyard was prepared with all the necessary tools and, besides seeing the process of making paper, we also learned about the difficulties the staff from the Herakleidon Museum encountered when learning this themselves.

(I know, it’s in Greek. But just watching the process is interesting. too.)

The staff of the Museum was really friendly and the visit to the Herakleidon Museum was a wonderful experience.

Bad service and no receipt at Taverna Gyristroula

Between our visits to both buildings of the Herakleidon Museum, we stopped for lunch in Monastiraki. We wanted to try a new place on Adrianou Street, and, as it was raining, we hid on the covered terrace of Gyristroula.

We regretted we didn’t make a different choice. While the food was ok, our waiter had very poor manners and acted like he was doing us a favor when he was serving us. Furthermore, when we asked for the bill, he brought us a handwritten piece of paper, torn from the notebook he took the order on. We left without leaving any tip, as whatever we paid would never have gotten declared anyway.

More street art in Athens

Later, after our visit to the Herakleidon Museum, we just wandered the streets. Around the same area we also found some interesting urban art:

Not far from Monastiraki, we came across a shop with a selection of old books in English. After some searching, I left happy with A Beautiful Mind, by Sylvia Nasar, under my arm.

colorful terrace from an afternoon in athens

Drinks on a colorful terrace

The two of us found a small terrace with colorful chairs, while we were walking around. There, we stopped to have a drink there and we chatted with the waitress. We don’t know the name of the place, they were still settling in and we were the only ones who stopped there.

We liked it, though. And I liked the bathroom, where the mirror was placed inside a bicycle wheel, with a fender and all the rest.

For dinner, we went near Monastiraki Square, and Mathieu chose a nice tavern with candles on the tables. After a beautiful afternoon in Athens, we spent the rest of the evening talking and enjoying the wine.

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  1. I love your pictures of street art in Athens! It’s such a shame you had bad experience at Taverna Gyristroula as Greek food is so amazing but a rude waiter can definitely ruin your lunch, no matter how good the food is.

    1. Thank you, Sara! And yes, an unprofessional employee can ruin a client’s experience no matter the service offered, not just lunch. Sometimes, in this cases, I’m wondering if I should talk to a manager so that at least those coming after me might get better service. Then again, I think the employee is also human, maybe smth bad happened to him that day, who knows.

  2. Rainy days can be so hard when travelling… Good on you for making the most of it! I also visit museums when it’s raining (or extra hot). I love to do it but I always try to keep it for a bad day so I have time to enjoy wandering around the city.

    1. I don’t mind the rain when it’s warm outside, actually. In London, for example, I only used an umbrella for a couple of hours during several trips there. As for my fiancé, he’s actually looking forward to get some rain: he collects umbrellas when we travel! However, in the cold months, I agree with you, Marion: it’s good to keep a museum on the list, just to get a bit warm and/or dry. 🙂

  3. This terrace looks amazing and so colorful, I would like to drink my first morning coffee on the sun there 😀
    Museum looks nice, but since I was standing in line 3 hours to enter Vatican ones last holiday, I promised myself that museum won’t see me for a longer time now…

    1. Oh, you should have bought an online ticket for the Vatican! We went right inside at the hour we chose, walked by the entire line outside. Sorry you waited that long. 🙁

  4. Well Mirela, even I prefer visiting museums during rainy afternoons in a new place. I don’t like to stay inside the hotel or wherever I am staying. Rains can’t spoil my plan. Great you did something similar.

  5. That’s some really impressive street art in the photos. I like visiting museums even when it doesn’t rain. One can learn a lot about a place by visiting the local museums.

  6. This door with a graffiti with a woman looking at you. It is done so well, that if you look at it from different spots, it still looks like it is looking at you. I was in teh same spot in Athens.

  7. Mathieu Letailleur


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