Infinity Bamboo Sleep Mask


Infinity Bamboo Sleep Mask – say goodbye to dark circles and puffy eyes and hello to the best bamboo sleep mask. Gentle to the skin, soft and silky smooth like never before!

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The Bamboo Sleep Mask is the softest thing you’re ever going to own. So sleek, breathable, and soft to the touch.

Boost the standard of sleep with the Infinity Sleep Mask. Relax and drift to sleep in total darkness, whether at home, in a hotel, or on a plane. Whenever you need some sleep aid, your bedtime will be surprisingly cool and seriously relaxing with this bamboo eye mask.

Infinity Bamboo Sleep Mask advantages

  • Feel nestled beneath a light embrace of softness. The natural bamboo fabric is so airy and light. It’s an incredibly breathable sleep mask.
  • No more dark lines, no more puffy skin. The Infinity travel signature bamboo cloth is soft to the skin, soft and sleek as never before.
  • The 360° architecture absolutely absorbs light and reduces the noise so that you can get the best sleep.
  • The large elastic band provides comfort and protects hair from wrinkles.
  • The best sleep mask for your beauty sleep.

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Infinity Pillow

Starting with the Infinity Pillow, the company set out to create the best modern travel products to bring along everywhere. Innovative prototypes, the softest fabrics, and creative construction methods. The outcome is everything we believe comfort should be.
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Infinity Bamboo Sleep Mask