Infinity Travel Pillow


Feel at home everywhere with the Infinity Travel Pillow. Twist, wrap and pack the flexible Möbius form to suit the needs of the space you’re in.

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infinity pillow


Why use the Infinity Travel Pillow

  • Find the perfect spot. This neck pillow is perfect for finding the most comfortable position on a never-ending flight.
  • Keeping you cool. Sleep better and stay cool with our signature temperature control materials.
  • Softness by nature. The best bamboo fabric, ever. Gentle to the skin, soft and smooth as never before.
  • Best neck support. Put it on like an infinity scarf, then adjust your Infinity Travel Pillow for the amount of support needed by simply pulling on one loop of this amazing pillow.
  • Say goodbye to neck pain. Place your pillow around your neck and bring one end into the other for maximum neck support.
  • Window pillow. Maximize your window seat. Build a cushy cocoon, lean against the side, relax into the soft help and snooze away.
  • Pillow for the spine. Keep your back happy and calm sore muscles.
  • Desk pillow. Turn your desk or tray table into a dream come true. Rest your back, sink into the soft help, and take a snooze.
  • Sleep mask. Don’t you want to be disturbed? Cover your eyes with the pillow, block all the light, and dream away.
  • Duo comfort. Place your arms into your pillow as if you were wearing it like a backpack.
  • Noise canceler. Put it twice around your neck and bring a loop up against your ears.
  • It’s light, so you can just through it in your travel bag or simply attach it to its exterior.

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Infinity Pillow

Starting with the Infinity Pillow, the company set out to create the best modern travel products to bring along everywhere. Innovative prototypes, the softest fabrics, and creative construction methods. The outcome is everything we believe comfort should be.
infinity pillow
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Infinity Travel Pillow