Motorcycle Duffel Bag


Motorcycle Duffel Bag. For all the bikers out there who want to keep their valuables safe while also looking stylish: try this handcrafted motorcycle leather bag. You’ll love the color and the high quality of this motorcycle bag!

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The best motorcycle leather bag!

The leather bag motorcycle in a traditional military-style has a beautiful brown color that glows in the sunlight. This handmade leather bag is made of high-quality leather that has been handcrafted.

This handcrafted leather bag includes a single spacious compartment that can accommodate all of your needs.

On this tan leather bag, there are two straps: a handle and a shoulder strap. The round Leather Straps are perfect to tie the bag safely to the motorcycle. It can also be locked for a secure fit.

Leather Motorcycle Duffel Bag specifications

  • Materials: genuine full-grain leather. Heavy-duty leather, ready to endure years of use and abuse.
  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 12 inches  open and 23 x 12 inches closed
  • Bag colors: Brown.
  • Free shipping worldwide.

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Motorcycle Duffel Bag or leather bag motorcycle or motorcycle leather bag
Motorcycle Duffel Bag