Scratch Off USA Map for Wall


Traveling to the USA? Newverest’s Scratch Off USA Map is the perfect way to keep track of your journey and preserve your memories.

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Traveling to the USA? Newverest’s Scratch Off USA Map is the perfect way to keep track of your journey and preserve your memories!

  • Your 24 X 17 map comes with a gift tube, a scratch tool, 20 push pins, 4 adhesive stickers, a carrying case, and a microfiber cloth.
  • All 50 states and Canadian provinces are illustrated. Special insets reveal Europe & Southeast Asia.
  • Your Scratch Off USA Map turns into your inspirational Bucket List.
  • Printed on 250GSM paper, it’s easy to hang your chart in your home, workplace, or children’s space.

Scratch Off USA Map: A great gift for travelers

  • The Scratch Off USA Map is an excellent gift for US-based travelers.
  • College and high school children are set for their first major adventure. Give them a map so they’re not going to get lost.
  • Professionals. Are you traveling for work? Track the places you’ve been to and see where life has taken you.
  • Kids. School-aged children enjoy the fun accessories included in each child’s globe. Adorable animal cards show them something different about the locations they’re going to visit.
  • Or see how long it takes you to go to every state!

Scratch USA Map: Inspiration for adventure

  • Each Scratch-Off USA Map comes with a durable gift tube in bright colors.
  • Remove the outer scratch layer quickly without damaging your map. It provides the right amount of pressure without suffocating it.
  • The cleaning cloth is an ultra-soft microfiber that absolutely wipes away traces of the scratch layer left behind on your Scratch Off USA Map. Every Scratch-Off USA Map comes with pushpins. Label the places you visited by sticking a pushpin to your map. They’re going in quickly and won’t come out of here.
  • Every version of our Scratch Off USA Map comes with adhesive stickers. Use them to hang your map as soon as you open it. They’re not going to damage your walls or paint.

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scratch off USA map for wall
Scratch Off USA Map for Wall