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Wooden Yachting Map for Your Wall


It’s time to make some improvements! Renovate your home, office, and business with the Wooden Yachting Map for Your Wall. This around the world map is environmentally friendly and will last a lifetime. People are going to look at it for hours! It’ll be your furniture, it’ll be your inspiration to fly, and it’ll be your joy. It’s, without a doubt, the perfect gift for any reason.

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Installing the Wooden Yachting Map for Your Wall

  • Easy installation in less than an hour, as each map piece has a number that fits the design, part of the included instructions.
  • The diagram contains a special adhesive tape / double-sided waterproof adhesive that does not damage the walls.
  • Ocean names, wooden planes, yacht vessels, and compasses are included in the kit.
  • The Wooden Yachting Map for Your Wall comes already gift wrapped, ready to offer as a present to a fellow traveler.

Weight 1 kg
Material Handmade of birch plywood. Thickness is 6 mm (0.2-0.24 inches).
Colors Choose between Dark Walnut, Light Wood, Oak, and Tera.
The color of the map might be a bit lighter or darker because it’s made of natural wood.


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Yachting Map for Wall Oak
Wooden Yachting Map for Your Wall