Scenic St Kitts drive to discover the island

Depending on your preferences, you should go on a St Kitts drive with exclusive sights and learn everything you want to know about the Caribbean Islands. History buffs should go on treks or bike tours to visit colonial plantations, sugar cane fields, and other historic sites for a glimpse back into St Kitts and Nevis history.

Eco travelers, or those who are simply interested in nature, should go on tours to discover the local flora and fauna, the natural history of Saint Kitts Island, and the protection of its properties. But there’s so much more! Let’s take a closer look at your best option: a St Kitts drive!

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St Kitts drive to see the best beaches on the island

If you’re like most Caribbean travelers, you’ll definitely want to spend a large part of your holiday at the beach, taking in the atmosphere and admiring the lovely scenery. On St Kitts, some of the best beaches are found on the narrow southeastern side of the island, along the Simmonds Highway.

Although the beaches in this region are typically not as large as those near Basseterre, the island capital, most of them are known for their powdery sand and excellent views. One of the most popular beaches on the southern coast of the island is Friars Bay. Locals and returning visitors also love the beaches at Sand Bank Bay, Cockleshell Bay, and Banana Bay.

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The amazing St Kitts drive

When the Simmonds Highway became available, a St Kitts drive came with connections around the island, and numerous projects started were born at the time. Among the most ambitious of those projects was the Whitegate Development Project, featuring the Beaumont Park Racetrack and the luxury neighborhood Kittitian Hill. Located in Dieppe Bay, the area also has nice restaurants and shops.

While much of the action along the Simmonds Highway takes place on the beaches, there is much to see by the end of your St Kitts drive. The road ends at Frigate Bay on the western side of the island, after passing many of the best sightseeing spots on St Kitts Island.

Most of the landscape in the interior of the island was created by volcanic activity. On the Simmonds Highway, you can visit one of the most picturesque geological locations on the island: the Great Salt Pond. Popular for its sparkling pink hue, this water-filled volcanic crater is one of the most photographed locations here, so you’ll have to make a stop on your St Kitts drive!

As you drive along the highway, you’ll notice that the coastal landscape is getting rockier. Exposed to the winds and waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the southeastern portion of the island greets all travelers with an amazing dramatic comparison to the tranquil beaches only a few miles to the northwest. After passing the grassy hills at the beginning of the highway, rocky cliffs and lagoons will come into view.

Among the windswept coves, you will find Turtle Beach, one of the most popular spots on the island. As cattle and goats graze along the way to the tiny beach, locals enjoy fresh and delicious seafood at some of the most romantic restaurants on the island. Of course, travelers are always welcome to join them for food and fun, too!

While taxis and some tour busses cruise along the Simmonds Highway, the best way to see the locations is to contact a St Kitts car rental service. You may be able to find details about regular St Kitts car rentals at your accommodation, and the concierge might be able to book a rental car for you. Since there’s plenty to see in just over six miles along the Simmonds Highway, you may also want to ask them for advice on the best way to see the southeastern side of the island.

When you want to discover the natural beauty of the island, go on a St Kitts drive along Simmonds Highway. With white sandy beaches, rolling hills, and windswept cliffs along the way, it’s one of the most scenic drives on Saint Kitts and Nevis, and even all the Caribbean Islands! Just don’t forget your driving licence when you go on this amazing St Kitts drive with your car rental.

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