Summer in Breckenridge Colorado

There are many things to do in summer in Breckenridge Colorado, with plenty of activities both in the resort and around town. The beautiful weather and scenery, coupled with tons of things to do, make Breck an excellent summer vacation destination.

Located at approximately 9 miles (14.6 kilometers) south of Interstate 70 on the other side of Frisco and Dillon Lake, Breckenridge is a wonderful ski resort and one of the most charming towns in Colorado.

A Breckenridge summer also has more amenities and attractions than any other town in Summit County.

But, as I said, summer in Breckenridge Colorado is amazing, so you shouldn’t limit your travels there only to the cold season. That’s why I made this guide to help you plan your time in Breck on your upcoming summer Breckenridge vacation. It will help you consider all the possible activities in the area, and it will be easier to come up with an itinerary for when you get to this amazing summer travel destination.

1. Mountain biking

There are so many opportunities for outdoor recreation in summer in Breckenridge Colorado. However, one of the most popular Breckenridge summer activities is mountain biking. And it’s no wonder since the Breckenridge Ski Resort has a lot of trails designed to meet the needs of users of all skill levels.

Instead of a mountain bike, you can also take the lift, otherwise known as the Colorado Super Chair on Peak 8. The Colorado Super Chair is the highest ski lift in North America and it will take you almost to the true summit of the peak. Peak 8 also has maps of trails and bicycle rentals available.

Hikers and visitors can ride up on the Colorado Super Chair to enjoy the fantastic views, then go back to town once they’ve had enough exercise.

The Breckenridge welcome center can suggest some trails for mountain biking.

things to do in summer in breckenridge colorado
Summer in Breckenridge Colorado

2. Hiking, backpacking & horseback riding

All of these protected areas along the 10-mile (16-kilometer) mountain range also provide backcountry travelers with tones of hiking, backpacking and horseback riding trails.

Those who want to do some horseback riding this summer in Breckenridge Colorado should go to the Breckenridge Stables. The Breck stables have over 100 horses to choose from and feature a 90-minute horse ride on the Breckenridge Trail.

3. Fly fishing

During your summer in Breckenridge Colorado, you can uncover hundreds of lakes, ponds, and waterways in the region. They make Breckenridge a perfect summer travel destination for fly-fishermen.

Some of these water bodies are found in the surrounding areas of the Arapaho National Forest and other wilderness areas.

4. Playing golf

If you love golf, you’ll find over 3 golf courses in the Beckenridge resort, and another 10 in its vicinity. The three golf courses in Breckenridge range from Jack Nicklaus to Scottish links-style, so you’ll have plenty of chances to test your skills.

5. Breckenridge summer tobogganing

The Alpine Superslide is a famous and exciting activity to try if you’re spending the summer in Breckenridge Colorado. As the name suggests, it’s a big slide that you’re going to ride down on sleds, similar to the luge. Sleds hold an adult, and they can hold a small child, too. There are several routes, including a giant slalom with several dips. It’s one of the top summer activities in Breckenridge.

The Breckenridge Gondola in summer
You can take the Breck Connect Gondola (Rocky Mountain High) to get to the Alpine SuperSlide.

6. Zip lining

During your summer in Breckenridge Colorado, you can also try several amazing zip lines. Covering various distances and difficulty levels, they all offer a new way for you to admire the surrounding mountain scenery. With a touch of adrenaline, too. It’s one of the most adventurous Breckenridge summer activities.

7. White-water rafting

Whitewater rafting is available on the Arkansas River in Buena Vista. The river is about an hour away and tours usually also include transportation and lunch.

Depending on what you want, the ages of the participants, conditions, and experience, trip choices vary from class II rapids to class V. It’s probably the best summer adventure for your Breckenridge vacation.

8. Breckenridge summer events & activities

During summer in Breckenridge Colorado, you’ll also get the chance to take part in some annual cultural events, particularly at the small arts district on Washington Avenue and South Ridge St. There, you’ll find a theater with live performances, but also the annual Breckenridge film festival.

One of the best summer events in Colorado is the Breckenridge Music Festival. It takes place every year at the Riverwalk Center on the weekends from June to August.

Summit Historical Tours is another possibility. They provide experienced tour guides to educate travelers about one of the nation’s largest historic districts.

There is also the Edwin Carter Museum, one of the oldest museums in the county.

summer in breckenridge colorado with kids
Summer in Breckenridge Colorado with the kids

Bonus: Summer in Breckenridge Colorado with the kids

If you’re going on a summer vacation with the kids in Breckenridge Co, here are some fun activities the little ones might enjoy:

  • The Superputt is a twisty, challenging mini-golf course with a fantastic view of the mountains.
  • Amaze’n Breckenridge is another place for kids to have some hands-on fun by attempting to navigate this life-size labyrinth. The maze has two levels, and the participants get the extra challenge of trying to beat the clock.
  • The Sky Fly Power Trampoline is a trampoline with an attitude. The kids are harnessed inside and attached to bungee cords. That way, they can safely jump, launch, and flip up to 25 feet in the air.
  • Last but not least, the inflatable Bounce House is always full of jumping and shouting kids.used to bouncing and shouting babies at all hours.

If you want to have some time without the kids while you’re enjoying summer in Breckenridge Colorado, there is also a Children’s Center. They have snacks, lunch, supervision, and childcare for small babies and toddlers. Plus, they have plenty of summer things to do for the little ones.

Breckenridge things to do summer – Conclusion

Summer in Breckenridge Colorado is a great idea for travelers in the US because of the huge number and variety of activities. There’s really something for everyone, and it’s easy to take advantage of them because the city is much quieter and more relaxing in the summer months.

Whether you’re planning to visit Breckenridge this summer with your relatives, friends, or by yourself, odds are you’re going to have so much fun that you’re going to want to come back in winter, too!

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