Summer vacation with kids: Which one’s best?

The warm sunny days are upon us and parents are starting to get ready for that big summer vacation with kids. Holidays can be enjoyable, informative, and provide everlasting memories for years to come to the little ones.

If you travel with kids, then it can be very difficult to find the right vacation destination. This is because although many places claim to be family-friendly, that isn’t always the case. And how exactly do you plan the best summer holiday for the entire family?

When you’re going on vacation, no matter if it’s a short summer day trip or a month-long cross-country journey, I’ve got you covered. Here are some travel ideas to help make things a little easier for you this summer.

Finding a family-friendly summer vacation

If you’re looking for a destination that’s good for the entire family, you also need to take into account the ages of your children when planning the best summer vacations. You’ll find many family vacation packages with various experiences for the little ones, but the activities aren’t always tailored for all ages.

Most families believe that a destination meant for a summer vacation with kids comes with things to do for everyone. Sadly, that’s not always the case, so research family vacation destinations thoroughly before you book your summer holiday.

family summer vacation with kids
Choose where to go for the best family summer vacations

Where to go on a summer vacation with kids

At the seaside

Most people enjoy traveling to the seaside every summer. You may get your children to relax on the beach for hours, but you shouldn’t rule out the seaside for your summer vacation with kids.

There’s no reason why you can’t spend an hour or two on the beach as long as you give your kids something to do. Usually, a beachball or a bucket and a spade do the trick for kids. Then, once you’ve had a bit of relaxation, you can take them for a swim in the sea (or paddle, depending on their age).

There’s a lot to do on a summer vacation with kids at the beach or in a beach resort, so you should definitely think about it.

On a road trip

Road trips are another fun alternative for your summer vacation with kids. Why fly to a family-friendly destination when you can make a summer getaway out of the trip itself?

For example, those who live in the United States in the Northeast and want to go to Disney World in Florida can travel down the coast and stop at the best places along the way. There are a lot of historic sites and national parks to see. Why fly over them when you can stop and visit them with the kids? You could also rent an RV and save on accommodation along the way, too!

To a theme park

Of course, theme parks are always a cool destination for a summer vacation with kids. In the United States, you have Disney Land, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, and many others. They’re the most family-friendly places you can find, and they literally have something for every age group. If you have a family of both small children and teens, in a theme park you have better chances of finding fun things to do for everyone.

But going to a theme park doesn’t have to take the entire holiday. If your summer vacation with kids lasts more than a week, you can plan a day or two at the park, and then go and visit some other places.

On specialized vacations

A specialized holiday can also be a great option for your summer vacation with kids. Do you and your family like diving, biking, rock climbing, or riding ATVs? You should think about what each of you is passionate about and make a holiday out of it!

  • ATV camping in summer is a hot activity and longer trails are opening up every day.
  • Most resorts also offer specialized activities, such as scuba diving or rock climbing, along with training for beginners of all ages.
  • Dude ranches can also be enjoyable in the summer. They’ll give your child a taste of what life could be like on a ranch or working with horses.

On a series of day trips

If your work schedule and the children’s daily activities don’t allow you to get a few weeks away together, maybe you can go on a series of short day trips to spend your summer vacation with kids. Just think of a family-friendly destination at an hour or two away from home and hit the road!

The beauty of these day trips in the summer months is that you can go somewhere new every weekend. Beaches and lakes are at the top of the day trip list. And if you live in or near a major city, it’s always fun to visit a new museum or a zoo. Also, look on the internet for theme parks that might be nearby, too.

It’s also easy to turn a day trip into an overnight/2-day trip. Maybe you and your children want to spend more than a day in the city? If you find some inexpensive hotels to stay at, you can quickly make a full weekend trip out of your visit!

summer vacation with kids at home
The best family summer vacation can even be at home

Turn your summer vacation with kids into a fun staycation

Sometimes the simple stuff works great to enjoy some summer fun with the kids. Think back to when we were young and left play by ourselves or with friends for most of the summer.

If you can’t afford family vacations that last two weeks or you don’t have a public pool close to your home, a day trip to the toy store will work wonders. You could get some water guns or some balloons to fill up with water, plus some other water toys that you can connect to a garden hose for a fun afternoon in the yard. A new bookshelf can be packed with a whole summer worth reading. And toddlers would adore a rocking horse! We just have to try our best with what we have.

Overall, there are a lot of family vacation destinations and types of holidays that cater to children. It’s a smart idea to sit down with your family and think about all the opportunities available. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to spending a summer vacation with kids.

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