Why plan a summer vacation with the family in 2023?

A high number of people go on a summer vacation with the family every year. However, although there is a substantial number of households that go on holiday during the summer months, there are also plenty of families that don’t. What kind of family is yours?

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Why it’s difficult to go on a summer vacation with the family

There are many reasons why people might not be able to go on a summer vacation with the family. And I’m speaking about normal circumstances because this year I am obviously aware that it’s difficult for many others to leave the safety of their homes to travel with their loved ones.

Depending on the travel destination, going on a trip with the kids might mean some extra health risks that you’re naturally reluctant to take. But not all summer vacations need to be in crowded international travel destinations, you can also explore what options you’ve got to go to a more secluded town (and doing your best to protect the locals).

Or maybe travel with the family in the middle of nowhere this summer. Camping in the great outdoors might be something to try if you’ve never done it before. It will be fun for the little ones and a wonderful opportunity to take a break from technology. (I don’t know about you, but I’ve been more connected than ever with everyone online during our lockdown in the South of France).

But going back to normal circumstances, travel costs are probably the most common reason to not go on a summer vacation with the family. Now, I am aware that it is beyond the means of many travelers to even go out in town or to book transportation/drive their car outside the city. Unfortunately, some have to focus on more urgent needs before even considering travel and the number of those in such a situation could only have increased as the economy came to a halt last year.

However, there are also others who do have some funds they could direct to traveling but they don’t, because they falsely assume that going on a summer vacation with the family is going to be expensive. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the closest theme park, camping overnight in a state park, or flying around the world with family-friendly airlines, either one can be called a summer holiday. And the kids will love the change of scenery, also.

In addition to the expense of summer holidays, many households are reluctant to go on family vacations because of busy schedules. But summer vacations are often the only time a family can take a break from their everyday activities. If you can set aside the time, whether it’s three days or three weeks, I’m urging you to plan your family’s summer holiday. Going with your family on holiday comes with amazing benefits!

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Why you need a summer vacation with your loved ones

Perhaps the greatest benefit of planning a summer vacation with your family is the amount of quality time you can spend together. Nowadays, even families are barely able to spend time together. Long hours of work, homework, and busy athletic schedules often keep a family from enjoying dinner or other enjoyable events together. For certain situations, summer break is the only way a family can spend free time together.

(And even though while your practiced social distancing by staying inside you spent time together, you were working from home, homeschooling, cooking, disinfecting things, and washing your hands. It’s not really quality time if it’s something you need to do, not something you do because you feel like it.)

You should plan a summer vacation with the family because it will bring you happiness. Today, children tend to act and work differently than they did in the past. School-aged children are frequently bombarded by huge quantities of homework on a regular basis (I mean, you saw first-hand this time, right?). This homework, along with competitive athletic routines and expectations to be the best, can be tough for children to deal with. A summer vacation with the family will provide them with the rest and relaxation they need and deserve.

In addition to your children being stress-free, it is quite possible that you and your spouse can use the relaxation, too. It’s clear that children have a lot of pressure on them, but parents have to deal with way, way more. Scheduling a summer vacation with the family would give you the chance to stop thinking about work-related problems and home cleaning. These are some of the difficulties and problems that only a summer holiday can fix.

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Travel leisure idea: Barbecuing on a summer vacation with the family

Planning your family’s summer holiday

As soon as you’ve decided to go on a summer vacation with the family, you should all pick a travel destination together. Choosing a summer holiday destination as a family will encourage everyone to get involved in finding fun-filled activities. In addition to choosing an ideal family holiday, your children will feel important because their opinion matters. That sense of value is always generated by bringing input to an important decision, such as your next summer trip destination.

If your children are studying from home to stay safe, you may have the perfect opportunity to take school on the road. Go on a family trip to the coast and set up a distraction-free study area for your little learners to attend their Zoom lessons. Or rent a fancy hotel room in town and arrange family trips around your kids’ class schedules.

The added versatility of home study makes it possible to take the classroom to a fun place. This could inspire your kids to work harder and get their homework done early so they can enjoy their vacation to the fullest! If they’re struggling with their math lessons but you don’t want to take time out of sightseeing to teach them, online tutors are the ideal solution.

As mentioned earlier, a large number of activities can be taken into consideration for amazing summer vacations with the family. So if you’re interested in going on a summer holiday with the kids this year, you and your family should start working on choosing the ideal summer travel destination.

I mean… why would you want to keep spending your summer on a staycation if you can find alternatives for everyone to have fun on a summer vacation with the family? And you’d also be helping the travel industry to recover from the effect of the pandemic while enjoying the perfect summer trip. Think about it!

What are your travel plans for the summer 2023?

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