Enjoy the best summer vacations in 5 famous destinations

Summer vacations are the perfect time to get out and explore the world once the dreary weather melts away. The brightness and vibrancy of the warm season make any trip fun and give you the energy you need to explore.

After spending the previous year in lockdown, travelers are yearning to hop on a plane and start crossing off new destinations from their checklists. If you feel the same way and can barely wait to explore some of the world’s most beautiful vacation spots, we have a list for you to check out.

In the following list, we’ll take you across the globe to some of the most beautiful cities and spots, rich with culture and history. These destinations for summer vacations are not only popular and ideal for families with kids, but also for couples and solo travelers.

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smokey mountains nc summer vacations
Summer vacations in famous destinations: Smokey Mountains, USA

The Great Smokey Mountains, USA

There is no better way to beat the summer heat than to head towards a stunning mountain destination. These regions allow travelers to witness the calm of the great outdoors firsthand. The imposing Great Smokey Mountains are a piece of history, and their steep ridges and dense forests are known to be hundreds of years old.

Did you know that the Smokey Mountains became an international biosphere reserve in 1988?
The area is home to thousands of discovered and undiscovered species of animals and insects.

There are lots of things to do in these stunning mountain ranges during your summer vacations. You can start exploring the mountain range by going for a hike, tracing down the valleys through whitewater rafting, or unwinding at the nearby theme parks.

However, you will need proper accommodation to stay there. You must book the right place to stay when visiting this region. To fully take in this famous destination, I suggest you rent out a cabin for yourself.  All the cabins in Tennessee come equipped with all the modern amenities you may need, along with competitive rates.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is a unique city that is culturally and historically rich, and also exceptionally beautiful. It is a city that has always captivated the hearts and minds of travelers and continues to do so to this day.

The city is immaculately preserved and it reflects a stunning mix of Chinese, Japanese and European influences in its architecture and culture. It is inarguably the best example of a well-preserved East-Asian trading port that is still fully functional to this day. The wooden structures are ancient, and walking down the cobbled streets can be like going back in time. The unique history of the area turned this famous destination into a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Of course, going on summer vacations to Hoi An isn’t just about taking in the city’s history and culture. Hoi An is also famous for its food, and you can find various cafes and restaurants serving mouthwatering traditional dishes throughout the city.

And another reason to choose this famous destination for your summer vacations: Vietnam itself is an affordable country. Traveling, food and accommodation are very accessible and cheap in Vietnam.

On your visit, you should explore the nearby ruins or head to An Bang Beach to soak up the sun, wander through the endless paddy fields under the clear blue sky, and walk along the town borders for stunning countryside views. You can book everything in advance through Viator.

ibiza spain summer vacations
Summer vacations in famous destinations: Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain

When you think of Ibiza, never-ending parties come to mind, and honestly, there can be no better way to spend a summer recovering from the effects of the pandemic. Ibiza shines brighter at night because you can spend hours and hours partying away in the vibrant clubs that come alive at night.

But there’s more to summer vacations in Ibiza than just partying. This famous destination is home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, perfect for the dreamiest vacation you’ve ever had. In addition, you’ll find incredible wellness centers surrounded by incredible sights and places where you can enjoy yourself and stay fit at the same time.

Accommodation isn’t cheap, but also not that expensive in Ibiza. Since it is where the world’s biggest parties are held, you should book accommodation well before you start packing for your summer vacations.

Gojal Valley, Pakistan

The Gilgit Baltistan district in northern Pakistan is famous for its rugged, untouched beauty. You’ll find some of the world’s tallest mountains here, with stunning valleys nestled throughout the ridges in between.

Gojal Valley, also known as upper Hunza, shares a border with China in the north, and with Afghanistan to the northwest. The region is home to some of the clearest lakes you’ll ever see, surrounded by dark towering mountains that remain coated with snow all year round.

Mornings in this isolated region are serene, and you may even hear the snow falling around you. The conical mountains are bathed in molten gold as the sun begins to set, while the sunlight glitters on the pristine waters like shards of shattered glass.

The Valley is terrific in all it has to offer, and there is no shortage of areas to explore. You can experience the unique culture of the region’s inhabitants, go sailing on the lakes or explore the nearby Sino-Pak border. If you want to spend your summer vacations exploring a particular area, you won’t find a better travel destination!

When it comes to accommodation in the Gojal Valley, it is very affordable. You’ll find lots of guest houses and lodges throughout the area, with all the necessary amenities available.

hamburg germany summer vacations
Summer vacations in famous destinations: Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

If you want a quaint, educational summer break, there’s no better place than Hamburg. It offers an incredibly unique experience if you attend the Andalusian Flamenco concerto at one of the various concert halls in the city.

Hamburg is the second busiest harbor in Europe. You can walk around the harbor to see various ”museum ships” from multiple eras. During your summer vacations, you should also explore the stunning canals in Nikolaifleet, which look like a scene from a fairytale, with calm water gently lapping the pavements near homes and offices.

Another unique feature of Hamburg is the colorful street art you’ll find in some neighborhoods, which are a must-see if you want to indulge your creative side. There, you can find some of the quirkiest stores and cafes in a city, offering a unique mix of old and modern times together.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Hamburg, it is easy to find guest houses and hotels. It all depends on your budget. There are cheaper places available but they usually lack proper amenities. It is better to book a place in advance, to ensure you’re staying at a clean and safe place.


If you want to re-energize after the lockdown, a trip to any of these world-famous destinations might be what you need. Each destination has something unique to offer for your summer vacations and will give you memories for a lifetime.

Just remember: we’re still going through a pandemic, so be cautious and safe before you start traveling!

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