8 incredible vacation spots for singles over 60

Solo travel is equally necessary for singles over 60 as much as it is for single people in their teens or early thirties. The number of single people above 60 who travel is growing day by day. Traveling gives them significant satisfaction and allows them to feel lighthearted.

A solo trip for singles over 60 can turn out to be not only an incredible experience but also an opportunity to meet new like-minded people. Plus, your body will gracefully age if you take a vacation every six months or so. It’s all about embracing the old saying age is just a number while gaining an incentive to promote your health with an exciting and refreshing holiday retreat.

We are big believers in the benefits of travel to your relationship and health. Tons of medical studies show that such benefits include healthier brains and hearts and a reduced risk of depression. Plus, imagine what a good trip can do for your Facebook feed!

But, where do you go as an over-60 single woman? While the circumstance may vary regarding interests, physical ability, and budget, we think that there is something out there for everyone, no matter their age. Listed below are eight vacation spots for singles over 60.

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pigeon forge tennessee singles over 60 vacation
Singles over 60 vacation to Pigeon Forge Mountains, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge Mountains, Tennessee, USA

At the pigeon forge mountains, a moment will last you a lifetime. Visitors have been constantly exploring this mountainous heaven for the last sixty years. Although this travel destination is considered a fabulous family getaway, singles over 60 will also enjoy its views.

You will find anything here, ranging from beautiful hotels in Pigeon Forge TN with indoor pool to a great shopping experience in the nearby mall or a great hike in the Smoky Mountains. And even if you can’t hike, you can sink yourself in the fresh air around the hills.

Ananda, Himalayas, India

Traveling to India has especially become so much easier with the India tourist evisa available online. Situated at the bottom of the Himalayas, the city of Ananda with its resort is the ultimate snowy paradise. It is the ancient birthplace of Ayurveda, meditation, and, most importantly, Yoga. It is the perfect getaway for people above 60 traveling solo, looking for a singles yoga retreat. Here, female travelers can relax by participating in calming activities that help improve mobility and restore tranquility.

Furthermore, you can also choose from various treatments that help you slow down signs of aging in any part of your body.

A guided hike will allow you to truly appreciate the mountainous surroundings while loosening up your joints and bonding with other individuals of the same age group.

lake garda italy singles over 60 vacation
Singles over 60 vacation at Lake Garda in Italy

Lefay Spa and Resort, Italy

Overlooking Lake Garda, the Lefay Spa and Resort is perfect for improving general health as well as working on your lifestyle management skills. Expect to embrace a five-star detox holiday for singles over 60 when visiting this relaxing spa and resort. After you participate in the replenishing and nourishing activities the Lefay Spa has to offer, you’ll leave feeling stronger and happier than before: the perfect thing for a senior traveler!

Plus, the Italians are well known for their warm and friendly behavior towards people of all ages. And not to forget about their glorious food. Pasta or pizza, anyone?

Santani Resort and Spa, Sri Lanka

Treat yourself to a day at the eco-friendly Santani Resort and Spa and welcome their personalized mental, physical, and spiritual wellness approach. You’ll fall in love with the beautiful natural surroundings, located miles away from the polluted and busy streets of Sri Lanka.

While at this beautiful Srilankan vacation spot, you can satisfy your hunger for adventure with excursions or hiking. You can also just relax with their personalized spa treatments.

Chiva Som, Thailand

Embark on a pampering and relaxing spa vacation at Chiva Som, where everyone is dedicated to boosting health and promoting overall wellbeing – a perfect choice for singles over 60 everywhere.

You can increase your body’s radiance with alternative treatments such as acupressure and reiki gemstone therapy while you are here. Reap the advantages of a de-stress holiday and let go of any tension with a Chiva Som signature massage. Let the healing process pave the way for a day of mental and physical enhancement.

With a wide range of holistic treatments and an emphasis on relaxation, singles over 60 at Chiva Som Thailand can reawaken their senses and rejuvenate their mental and physical being.

caribbean singles over 60 vacation
Singles over 60 vacation in the Caribbean

The Caribbean 

If taking everything easy is something you like while being a single woman above 60, the Caribbean is the perfect place to visit. With its sky blue waters, flip-flop friendly weather, and velvet beaches, Caribbean destinations will supply you with an ideal setting

Those who have some mobility troubles might want to opt for an ocean cruise. All the major cruise liners are now making their excursion and ships more accessible to passengers of all ages.

Alaska, USA

If you are an over 60 single woman living in the USA, Alaska is proof that you don’t need to make an out-of-country journey. Giant whales, grizzlies, and glaciers are all part of Alaska’s supercharged seascape and land. And you don’t have to be a travel expert explorer in tip-top physical condition to explore Alaska either.

Alaskan ship cruises will provide you with accessible accommodations, showcase Alaska’s beautiful port cities of Juneau and Sitka, and the never-stopping food scene near the waterfront.

For singles over 60 who get seasick, an alternative is the Aurora winter train ride, which happens to be perfectly timed for catching the northern lights.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Santa Fe’s magical setting in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains makes it a perfect choice for singles over 60 who are scenery hounds or artists. Additional lures for the 60 and over travelers include a walkable and compact historic downtown area that dates back to the sixteen hundreds and a dry, warm climate for people traveling from a cold region.

Plus, you won’t have to walk too far to discover museums and art galleries that pay tribute to Native American traditions or to find yummy southwestern cuisine. Also, depending on the month you travel, you can go skiing or hiking in the nearby mountains.


No matter where you travel, you have to keep in mind your own body’s limits. After all, you aren’t a teenager anymore so may not feel strong enough to keep going on a mountain hike for countless hours. Research spots that are easy to navigate and that provide you with the best activities and views with little to no physical effort. Planning ahead will make your vacations smooth, relaxing, and much better!

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