10 dreamy places to visit with your partner

In today’s stressful and busy time, in order to maintain a strong bond, it’s imperative that couples take out time for each other and go on long tours to romantic and relaxing locations together. If you are planning to go on a trip with your better half and are looking for some dreamy, picture-perfect yet affordable places, you are in the right place! In this article, we shall see a compiled list of 10 dreamy places to visit with your partner.

dreamy places to visit with your partner by the beach

Why go on trips?

Before taking into a plunge into the topic, let us first see why you should include long trips and romantic outings with your partner in your couple goals.

1. To improve your relationship

Devoting time for your love and relationship helps to build better communication, which, according to studies, makes the relationship more satisfying and successful.

2. Take a break

Going on a vacation with your partner has two advantages – you get to spend time with your soulmate and you get a break from the boring routine of daily life.

With these reasons to take a break and explore the world, discover below 10 dreamy places to take a romantic break with your partner.

10 dreamy places to visit with your partner

easter island in chile

1. Easter Island, Chile

This place is a must if both you and your partner are adventurous and share the passion to explore the world. You can witness the brilliant sunrise near the solitary Moai of Hanga Roa. The view of the Pacific Ocean and the statues during the sunset give the romantic feel to the moment.

You can gift your partner a miniature Moai to make the trip memorable. Also, this adventure will probably be one of the best photos in your family album.

horsetail falls in oregon

2. Multnomah & Horsetail Falls, Oregon

Both of these falls lie on the Columbia River Highway in Oregon. This is perfect for a couple’s road trip on your Suzuki SV650 or another off-road car. You can also get to see beautiful scenery with stunning mountains, cascading waterfalls, bridges, and rivers on the route.

Portland to Hood River trip is 48 miles long (around 77 kilometers long) and can be done in a day. But consider extending it to a two-day trip by staying at a lodge or camp.

albuquerque in new mexico

3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is mostly famous for its annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in the month of October. But, it is not at all a bad idea to pay a visit in the summer as well. The city’s epic Summerfest Celebrations are a major tourist attraction in the summer. It has more than a hundred galleries and is one of the best places for foodies. So, if both you and your significant other are foodies, this is a great place to visit any time of the year.

bar harbour in maine

4. Bar Harbour, Maine

If you and your partner are fans of drinks, this is the place where you must visit. It has affordable hotel prices and free nature activities. You can always sip in your Andre champagne here in an affordable hotel with your partner. Also, there are great hiking spots in Acadia and boating facilities in Sea Princess Cruise Line. Delicacies made of Lobster like the Traveling lobster are very famous and are the specialty of the place.

aberdeen in scotland

5. Aberdeen, Scotland

This place is for beach-cruisers. If you and your partner are craving for some beach time, here is the perfect destination. Come here and enjoy 165 miles of coastline, 300 castles, 55 golf resorts and five ski resorts nearby.

Also, watch out for the buildings which are picture ready. Most of the buildings here are made of silvery-grey granite which sparkles in the sunshine and thus the nickname Silver City with Golden Sands. Try to find a local bar serving locally originating drinks like Glenlivet 12 and try out the authentic taste of Scotland.

st augustine in florida

6. St. Augustine, Florida

This number-one tourist spot in Florida is probably one of the most historic destinations in the city. So, if you and he/she are both history geeks, there is a lot that you can enjoy here like the Pirate and Treasure Museum, St. Augustine Lighthouse and the Alligator Farm Zoological Park. It is also famous for its wineries so you can book a wine tasting session in the local wineries.

What makes this the most exciting place is that the boarding and flight rates are relatively low when compared to those in South Florida.

bangkok in thailand

7. Bangkok, Thailand

This is one of the most romantic places you can ever visit. You can explore temples, cruise through the city through a tuk-tuk, try the exquisite local delicacies and take in much of the local culture and customs in open markets.

When you get enough of the civil life of the place, you and your partner can always have a relaxing Thai massage and go on a romantic cruise on the Chao Phraya river. You can also gift your partner a special chocolate box as a testimony to your love towards her in one of the best romantic destinations ever.

central park in new york city

8. New York City

The least expected one, right? But, leaving aside its metropolis, New York has excellent places to visit like the Central Park where the both of you could take a carriage ride or row around the lake in a boat or take a walk on the famous bridges in the park. Autumn is probably the best time to be here as nature begins to change colors and the fallen leaves decorate the streets.

bali in indonesia

9. Bali, Indonesia

Just a few photos of this romantic city should convince you to spend a few moments here with your partner. Take a break at a destination known for its pristine beaches, rice paddies, volcanic mountains and yoga, and meditation. This island has so much to offer. Definitely, a dreamy place to visit with your partner!

ayr in scotland

10. Ayr, Scotland

This place is just about 37 miles (around 60 kilometers) away from Glasgow and is very well known for the hospitality sector. It is, in fact, a resort town with many hotels and other tourist facilities.

This place also has a long beach which is perfect for sunbaths, building sun castles or for taking a leisure walk.

So, these were the dreamy places to visit with your partner for a romantic and affordable outing. These places will definitely kindle the spark of romance between you and also help to express it effectively to each other. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags up and give your romantic life a great boost!

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  1. I love all the lists, but my 2 top lists are Chile and Oregon! Love the sunset view! I certainly agree that couples need to have to spend time together on a long trip especially if you have children as it is different when we were around with our kids. Thanks for sharing got a new place to add in our bucket list!

  2. All the places looks amazing. Bali is very much high on my list along with Bangkok and Albuquerque.

  3. Omg so many of the places you’ve listed are right on top of our bucket list. Recently got a chance to see the Multnomah Falls during a road trip through Oregon and they are spectacular. I didn’t know that St. Augustine was famous for its wineries – so booking a wine tasting tour there sounds like a fun thing to do.

  4. Yara

    What a great list of suggestions! I just came back from St. Augustine and totally agree. Thanks so much for these ideas.

    Yara | tayaramuse.com

  5. Loved the topic you chose. Very different and unique. Every couple need to spend some quality time together and thank you for bringing up this topic

  6. My husband and I love Oregon! We would love to explore more.

  7. Hehe, we are failing as a travelling couple, I have not visited a single place on your list! Oops!

    They do all look like lovely areas to explore as a couple though. 🙂 We tend to head out to the countryside, so Oregon sounds like the best option for us to visit first.

  8. Nice list ! I checked out Bangkok and Bali. Went to Bali with my partner and yes did we have a great time ! Private chalet and private swimming pool, at relatively affordable price. It couldn’t get better. Love to check out the rest on your list ! Thanks for sharing ! =)

  9. Jas

    I’ve actually been to Oregon with a guy I was seeing but if I were ever planning a romantic getaway, Ayr would probably be my pick. I love that they have a resort town and I’m all about long walks at the beach hahaa. Albuquerque sounds like a great destination too. Would defs love to attend the summerfest and can’t ever say no to good food!

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