Top 10 romantic weekend getaways for two

No matter what some may say, romance isn’t dead. More and more couples decide to enjoy time together on romantic weekend getaways for two. And who can blame them, especially if they don’t spend enough time together at home, because of hectic work schedules and various other commitments?

If you’re also looking for romantic weekend getaways, there are many beautiful travel destinations to choose from. But some are better than others. Read on to discover the best 10 romantic weekend getaways for two!

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sorrento romantic weekend getaways for two
Weekend getaways for two in Sorrento

1. Sorrento, Italy

Located in the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a refuge for lovers who want to bring the romance back into their relationships. It has picturesque shops, workshops, and historical highlights. For memorable weekend getaways for two, I suggest a stay at the Hotel Bellevue Syrene for its outstanding facilities.

Sorrento isn’t only a great destination for romantic weekend getaways, but also a popular location for couples who choose to marry overseas.

hawaii romantic weekend getaways for two
Weekend getaways for two in Hawaii

2. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is a magnificent US destination for romantic weekend getaways because has a different culture and a truly relaxed lifestyle. That is why most travelers are drawn to it. The wonderful small restaurants mix traditional Hawaiian cuisine with modern delicacies and they are perfect for a cozy dinner for two.

The Maui Seaside Hotel is one of the best places to stay in Hawaii. And the hotel restaurant is fabulous!

monaco romantic weekend getaways for two
Weekend getaways for two in Monaco

3. Monaco

Unlike other romantic weekend getaways for two from this list, Monaco is a destination that combines romance with expensive luxury. Boat trips on fancy yachts, shopping in exclusive boutiques and sunbathing on beautiful beaches are all part of the romantic weekend getaways you could experience in Monaco.

The hotels also mirror this small country’s wealth. And the best place to experience luxury here is at the Hotel Columbus Monte Carlo, one of the best quality hotels in Monaco.

venice romantic weekend getaways for two
Romantic weekend getaways in Venice

4. Venice, Italy

There’s little that’s more romantic than getting a gondola on the Venice Canals. Venice is a lovely city with great sightseeing and shopping opportunities. There are also many cafes and restaurants with exquisite cuisine that offer romantic candlelit dinners. It’s no wonder Venice is such a popular destination for weekend getaways for two.

The San Clemente Palace specializes in romantic weekend getaways. The hotel has excellent service and luxurious suites for couples.

paris romantic weekend getaways for two
Romantic weekend getaways in Paris

5. Paris, France

Known as the City of Love, Paris is the international capital of romance. Romantic weekend getaways for two in Paris come with fine dining experiences, cruises on the Seine, museum visits, and walking hand in hand on picturesque streets. There are lots of things to do in Paris, and somehow all of them seem better when shared with your loved one.

The Four Seasons Hotel George V promises comfortable luxury suites for perfect romantic weekend getaways. They can also book tours and restaurants for those who only want to experience the best of Paris on their weekend getaway for two.

madrid romantic weekend getaways for two
Romantic weekend getaways in Madrid

6. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a highly beautiful city influenced by the Renaissance period. Walking on its streets aimlessly will help you discover beautiful old buildings with amazing architecture. Madrid is also a lively cultural center, particularly interesting for opera and poetry lovers.

Among the many hotels available in Madrid, I recommend Vincci Soho for its high-quality services.

malta romantic weekend getaways for two
Weekend getaways for two in Malta

7. Malta

Malta is a very old country, with much of its original architecture intact. Combine this with the natural beauty of the island-country and you’ll discover a space where romance can easily blossom. On romantic weekend getaways in Malta, one can sample its markets, parades, and restaurants to get a taste of the local culture.

Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort in St. George’s Bay is one of my favorite places to stay in Malta because it offers an amazing view of the sea.

killarney romantic weekend getaways for two
Weekend getaways for two in Killarney

8. Killarney, Ireland

Killarney, Ireland is unfortunately often overlooked as a destination for romantic weekend getaways. Considered the most beautiful region in Ireland, Killarney’s natural landscape is spectacular. And, unlike the busy town of Dublin, it is a picturesque destination where you can focus on the one you’re traveling with.

With nature on one side and the city on the other, the Victoria House Hotel is the perfect place to stay in Killarney.

marseille romantic weekend getaways for two
Weekend getaways for two in Marseille

9. Marseille, France

Located in the South of France, Marseille perfectly blends the old with the new. The city is a haven for romance, as the lifestyle is tranquil and the relaxing environment allows one to enjoy their partners’ attention. Beaches, city tours, and excellent small cafés are all waiting to be discovered on weekend getaways for two in Marseille!

Instead of a hotel, I recommend staying in an apartment for extra privacy during your weekend for two.

florence romantic weekend getaways for two
Romantic weekend getaways in Florence

10. Florence, Italy

As far as culture goes, Florence has a bit of everything. The city’s architecture, sculpture, and opera will definitely make your stay more interesting. Small cafes stretched out into the streets have delicious treats for couples visiting Florence.

Make your trip perfect by booking the Hotel Lungarno. It’s exactly what you need for a romantic weekend for two!

Any of the above travel destinations is certain to bring a bit of romance into your life. All of these romantic weekend getaways for two will help the two of you unwind and rediscover what is important in your relationship: spending quality time together.

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