5 romantic things to do in Seattle for couples

If you’re hunting for a romantic getaway, consider spending your trip in Seattle, Washington.

There are so many romantic things to do in Seattle and the rain is just an excellent excuse for cuddling under an umbrella. Even those who are romantically impaired will find it hard not to find activities for couples in Seattle!

woodland park rose garden seattle things to do for couples
Romantic things to do in Seattle: Go to the Woodland Park Rose Garden

1. Go for a walk together

When we think romance, one of the first images that pop into our minds is that of roses. It’s no wonder they’re at the top of our list of romantic things to do in Seattle for couples!

You can hold hands with your significant other as you stroll through the beautiful Woodland Park Rose Garden and discover Seattle for couples. Garden admission is free and the scents and landscape are quite romantic, especially if one of you loves flowers.

Some rain will definitely interfere with your planned activities for couples in Seattle. But when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! So take your other half on a walk through the rain… without an umbrella.

best romantic things to do in Seattle for couples wine tasting
Activities for couples in Seattle: Go to a wine tasting

2. Experience the art of wine tasting in Seattle

There are many vineyards all around Seattle selling wine tours. All of them end with a wine tasting session, perfect for those who enjoy a good glass of wine. Even if wine isn’t your drink of choice, it can still be a lot of fun to give it a go and to learn how the other one feels when it comes to wine.

Another option would be to take your significant other to sample beers and microbrews in one of the breweries in the area.

romantic hot air balloon ride for two seattle
Seattle for couples: Hot air balloon rides

3. Try a hot air balloon ride

Among the most impressive romantic things to do in Seattle for couples is to book a hot air balloon tour. A trip like this is not only enjoyable but also incredibly romantic at the right time of the day. It will give you two plenty of time to talk while absorbing the magnificent scenery around the great city of Seattle.

best romantic things to do in seattle for couples ballet
Seattle for couples: Discover the cultural scene

4. Experience the cultural scene of Seattle

An evening out to see a theater or ballet performance is among the top activities for couples in Seattle. And fans of old silent movies can head to The Paramount Theater to catch Silent Movie Mondays.

cruise in seattle for couples
Romantic things to do in Seattle: go on a cruise together

5. Go on a short cruise together

Another one of my favorite romantic things to do in Seattle for couples is to go on one of the many charter boats in and around the city. You can go to the Wooden Boat Museum to find a small boat to charter for your romantic sunset cruise. Or, if you’re more interested in a day trip to do some whale watching, you can try booking a larger excursion.

If you’re not really into boats, don’t worry! There are other sunset activities for couples in Seattle. For example, you can ride the Space Needle up to the Observation Deck to catch the sunset.

In the end, the sky’s the limit when it comes to romantic things to do in Seattle for couples. Just keep in mind that all these activities for couples in Seattle are meant to bring you closer together while you’re having fun. So go out, enjoy Seattle and the company of one another!

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