Vacation in Cuba: the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway

Cities like Venice, Paris, Seville or Prague have a reputation for making being some of the best romantic destinations in the world. However, as love and romance have a lot to do with the unexpected, maybe you should try an unconventional destination this year. I’m speaking of a vacation in Cuba, the largest island of the Caribbean!

Its picturesque beaches, idyllic architecture, and cozy restaurants turn Cuba into a memorable retreat, certain to keep the flames of passion alive or spark them up again. A Valentine’s break or a regular vacation to Cuba with your loved one is something special which you’ll remember fondly for a long time.

vacation in cuba for couples
Cuban Vacation for Valentine’s Day

What does a vacation in Cuba look like on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a big deal on the island and the locals make the 14 February memorable during your vacation in Cuba. The buildings are decorated with colorful lights, and some of the local homes also have gifts attached to the walls, both inside and outside! Combined with the usual friendly weather you’ll enjoy during a vacation in Cuba, the setting is perfect for Valentine’s Day getaway. And if you’re on a honeymoon in Cuba during the month of February, you’ll have such a friendly welcome and enjoyable stay that you’ll never want to leave.

Hotels often have exclusive Valentine’s Day packages in Cuba, while restaurants offer special menus for memorable evenings.

romantic vacation in cuba
Romantic vacation in Cuba

What to visit during your romantic vacation in Cuba

There are just too many to mention to recommend specific spots! Actually, part of the charm of a vacation in Cuba is that there are thousands of undiscovered places for couples to enjoy a picnic, watch the sunset or just relax under the star together.

There are, however, a few places that are undisputedly romantic holiday highlights. For example, Old Havana offers everything for couples, from candlelit dinners to passionate salsa dancing in establishments featuring 18th-century colonial architecture.

Another beautiful place to see during your vacation to Cuba is El Salton. It’s not on the regular tourist path, but it’s a beautifully quiet and relaxing area worth a visit. The waterfall is surrounded by colorful cocoa plantations, calming streams, and some mountain farms.

If you prefer something a little more animated, then Bayamo is a good alternative. The city has a rich history and also hosts the National Monument. It’s also a great place to try the local food during a romantic candlelit dinner with your significant other. Here, there are also troubadours who wander through the area, bringing passion to the streets.

Last but not least, Baracoa offers is a romantic Cuban destination that combines the peace of the countryside and the bustle of the city. The city has historic links to Velasquez and Columbus and is surrounded by the beauty of Cuban nature: 10 rivers, isolated beaches, small fishing communities, UNESCO-listed biospheres, mountains, and coconut plantations.

After enjoying some excellent Cuban food and wine, it’s up to you to decide how you want to enjoy the rest of the night. Perhaps dancing Salsa? Or a walk on the beach under the stars? Whatever you choose, a vacation in Cuba can bring a bit of romance to every couple.

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