places to visit in budapest

Top 9 places to visit in Budapest

Split along the Danube River, Budapest is a city full of life, warmth, and excitement, offering a break from the skyscraper life. This is definitely one of my favorite cities to explore in Europe because there are so many things to do and places to visit in Budapest! The culture, the architecture, the people, and the food draw you in instantly and you will find it very hard to want to leave. If you have the time in your travels, I highly recommend dedicating a long weekend or a whole week to your Budapest itinerary. Whether you love to explore …

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europe on a budget

Europe on a budget: Top 20 travel destinations

Europe is no longer the playground of the rich. It’s a budget traveler’s dream come true as well, as I’ll prove to you. Europe, on the one hand, is a terrific mix of landscape, history, culture, and architecture. On the other hand, it’s this monster that gobbles up cash as fast as you’re able to dole it out. And it’s hard to know the right way to navigate across this interesting continent, with so many diverse countries crammed side by side, each with its own distinct language, history, and way of life. The good news is that limited-budget travelers can …

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