luxury villas in mykonos

Luxury villas in Mykonos for your next stay Top 5

The island of Mykonos is synonymous with the word cosmopolitan. In this travel destination, you can combine intense night entertainment with beautiful beaches and luxury villas in Mykonos. The fame of this Greek island is widespread throughout the world. And every year, celebrities come here to spend a magical vacation in one of its many lovely spots. In addition to its blue beaches, Mykonos combines picturesque attractions and dozens of wonderful settlements. Of course, to visit this island, you don’t need to star in the latest movies to enjoy a luxurious vacation on the so-called “Island of the Winds”. By …

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travel to athens risks

Travel to Athens – what to look out for

Travel can be refreshing, but it’s often dangerous, especially when we speak about traveling to a different continent. Traveling to a foreign country certainly has a dose of mystery and adventure, but that does not mean you should not be prepared for accidents and scams. Specifically, when you travel to Athens, the enchanting and historic capital of Greece may seem exciting – and it is, believe me! – but you should be careful about your safety and your money because there is a chance that some people will try to deceive you or steal from you. Of course, no one …

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tailor-made tours

The pros and cons of tailor-made tours

Tailor-made tours are increasingly seen in the tastes of modern travelers. One could say that it is a modern trend, which is here to stay. It’s a modern trend that focuses more on personalizing a trip to offer a unique and rare experience to every traveler. Of course, it differs greatly from the corresponding integrated travel group packages, focusing more on creating an overall experience for travel group members. After all, are tailor-made tours the perfect proposition for your travels with family and friends? Can they offer you something more than a tour group of people can not offer you? …

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tents for car camping

Tents for car camping: 8 best rooftop tents

Even though sleeping inside the car is what’s preferred by most car campers, it can be quite uncomfortable if you aren’t used to it. And not everyone can afford buying a camper. That’s why having a good quality tent to get a good night’s sleep is very important, especially when you’re out car camping. So today, to help you pick the right tent for your next car camping trip, I will review 8 of the best tents for car camping currently on the market. If at any point you want to know more about any of the amazing tents for …

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namibian safaris

Namibian safaris: Why you need a private guide

If you and your family have decided on Namibia as your next holiday destination, you have indeed made a wise choice. In a country that is blessed with beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife, Namibian safaris give you the unique opportunity to see the very best of Africa. Now you have to start planning your vacation on Namibia safaris. When you are looking online at Namibia tour operators, make sure you deal with a company that offers your own private guide for the entire tour, as this will enhance the experience considerably. English-speaking local guide for your Namibia safari tour The …

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travel adventures abroad

Travel adventures you can’t turn down

If you tend to be a bit of a thrill-seeker always looking for travel adventures off the beaten track, this article is going to supply you with some fantastic ideas. If you have never been one for tanning on a beach, sipping tequila while watching the waves come in, you are going to need some big ideas. Taking an action-packed vacation will be a great way to let off some steam and make memories that will last for life. Whether you are bringing your friends, partner, or traveling solo, this list of travel adventures will be a great one for …

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