Things to do in Athens in Thissio

Thissio is a neighborhood in the city of Athens, located to the west of Monastiraki and the Acropolis. While Monastiraki was raised as the commercial area of the old Greek Capital, Thissio was built to have a certain elegance about it. Considered by the Athenians one of the most beloved destinations within the city to grab a coffee or take a stroll, there are many things to do in Athens while in Thissio!

Things to do in Athens in Thissio

  1. Take a walk on Apostolou Pavlou Street
  2. Visit the Herakleidon Museum
  3. Explore the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art
  4. Discover the cafes and taverns of Thissio
  5. Go out in Thissio’s nightclubs and bars
  6. Things to do in Athens near Thissio

Take a walk on Apostolou Pavlou Street

The wide, stone-paved Apostolou Pavlou Street is the main road of Thissio. Athenians love to take a walk here or to stop with their friends for a coffee at one of the welcoming terraces.

On Apostolou Pavlou you will also see street musicians displaying their skills and merchants selling hand-made objects and jewelry. It’s also a spot for spontaneous street happenings. For example, I saw a group of people with Anonymous masks once, and another time a group of vegan activists.

Visit the Herakleidon Museum

Opened in 2004, the Herakleidon Museum focused on fine arts exhibitions in its first decade, bringing the works of important artists in Athens for the general public to enjoy.

Nowadays, the Herakleidon Museum is an interactive center for popularized science. In their two buildings, they don’t only offer captivating exhibitions on Physics, Arts, and Mathematics, but also educational programs for children and adults.

It’s worth visiting the Herakleidon Museum website to see what exhibitions they have on, as each year they feature something else.

Eureka, the most recent exhibition of the Herakleidon Museum:

Explore the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art

The Islamic art collections of the Benaki Museum in Athens are housed in a series of neoclassical buildings. The permanent exhibition includes artifacts from Arabia, the Middle East, Asia Minor, India, Mesopotamia, Persia, North Africa, Egypt, Sicily, and Spain.

A thing to keep in mind if you plan to visit: on the first Wednesday of every month there are special tours by the curator of the Benaki Museum Islamic collection. For reservations, please call +30 21 0325 1314.

Discover the Al-Khatt exhibition of the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art:

You can also go on a virtual tour of the Museum of Islamic Art.

Cafe in Thissio, Athens

Discover the cafés and taverns of Thissio

Lined up along the beautiful promenade, you will find a lot of cafes and taverns. Besides delicious traditional Greek food and coffee, they also offer a stunning view of the Acropolis. Thissio is just by the western slope of the Acropolis Hill, remember? 🙂

Mojito at a bar in Thissio, Athens

Go out in Thissio’s nightclubs and bars

If you’re looking to go dancing or drinking on your visit to Athens, you should really pay Thissio a visit! At night, this neighborhood comes to life, just waiting for travelers to join the party!

Things to do in Athens near Thissio

Thissio is just a 5-minute walk from the Monastiraki metro station. Not far, you can visit important Roman and Greek vestiges in the Roman Forum and the Ancient Agora, respectively. You can also do some souvenir shopping in Monastiraki’s flea market or find more taverns offering traditional Greek food.

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