22 up-and-coming travel bloggers you need to watch this year

If you’ve been following The Travel Bunny travel blog, you probably noticed that lately I’ve been doing my best to post more often. Sometimes I even manage to post every day from Monday to Friday. But this week was a lot more difficult, as I challenged myself to post daily for 7 days. It is a challenge initiated by Travel Bloggers’ Club, a really cool and supportive facebook group for people like myself. During this challenge, I discovered lots of new people and great content. So I am in the right position to provide you with a list of 22 up-and-coming travel bloggers you absolutely need to watch this year!

Solo travel bloggers

travel blogger sydney from a world in reach


Blogger at A world in reach

Sydney is a graduate student who has had a lifelong passion for adventure and believes that almost anyone can travel if they set their mind to it. As a budget solo traveler, Sydney shares advice to turn the whole world into a place within the reach of everyone.

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travel blogger julie from why not ju


Blogger at Why not Ju

Though she has always loved traveling, this passion for exploring truly ignited when Julie went to study abroad in Budapest, Hungary. Renting her room through Airbnb after returning to Oslo helped her travel through all of Europe. And, once she finished her studies, Julie went off to conquer the whole world!

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travel blogger arunima from namaste solo traveler


Blogger at Namaste, Solo Traveler

As a solo female traveler from India, Arunima is sharing her personal travel stories, from the perspective of a non-white, non-male, non-Western, non-First World country wanderer. Reading her blog can make you step out of your box while enjoying the comfort of your own desk chair.

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travel blogger nina from nina out and about


Blogger at Nina out and about

Nina has already visited 29 countries on 5 continents. She started early, discovering the world with her family when she was a child. All grown up now, she continues to explore the world on her own. She is currently on her second year of travel adventures, this time in New Zealand!

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Couple travel bloggers

travel bloggers alex and lisa from career gappers

Alex & Lisa

Bloggers at Career Gappers

After five years of careful planning and saving money, Alex and Lisa quit their jobs. In their thirties, they went to discover the world together. Truly enjoying their career break, they want to inspire and encourage others to become career gappers through their writing.

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travel bloggers barbara and edgard from la vida is belle

Barbara & Edgard

Bloggers at La vida is belle

Barbara and Edgard are a couple of San Diegans who have been traveling together for many years. They focus on their full-time careers during the week and take advantage of their weekends and holidays to go exploring.

Visit Barbara and Edgard’s travel blog

Family travel bloggers

travel bloggers charly and michele from travel fun fam

Charly & Michele

Bloggers at Travel Fun Fam

Charly and Michele wish to encourage parents to travel with the little ones, even if it can be difficult sometimes. They currently live on the island of Oahu, in Hawaii, and they love to discover new places with their daughter, Vi.

Visit Charly and Michele’s travel blog

travel blogger lissa from roots wings and travel things


Blogger at Roots, Wings and Travel Things

Lissa home-schools her sons, carefully prepares gluten-free food for her single-income family, and last, but definitely not least, she travels the world with her loved ones while fighting against chronic illness. Her strength and courage are an inspiration. 

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travel blogger federica from a stroll around the world


Blogger at A Stroll around the World

Born in Rome, Federica’s been a traveler ever since she can remember. She traveled with her family as a child, and, as an adult, she moved to Chicago with her now-husband. With their two daughters, they currently live in London. This is from where she now shares her leisure travel stories.

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travel blogger alison from five family adventures


Blogger at Five Family Adventures

Alison explores the world with her family, but also on her own. She sees herself not only as a mother and a wife but also as an individual. Between taking care of the children and planning the next journey, she also handles her job.

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Foodie travel bloggers

travel blogger sippin gipsy

Sippin’ Gipsy

Blogger at Sippin Gipsy

A wife and a mother, she loves exploring the world sip by sip, as you can see in her blog photos. You should follow her to discover where to go for great cocktails and cuisine, in addition to learning what you should do when you reach your travel destination.

Visit Sippin Gipsy’s travel blog

travel blogger yeshi from hello yeshi


Blogger at Hello Yeshi

Yeshi always integrates her love for food in her adventures from around the world. 
She strongly believes food and travel go together, helping people end up with new memories like pretzels and pizza in New York City; pani puri and pav baji in Mumbai; fresh fish and chips in Cape Town and Durban’s infamous bunny chow.

Visit Yeshi’s travel blog

A bit of everything

travel blogger jayashree from doibedouin


Blogger at DoiBedouin

With a Romanian-French blog name, you can see why this is right up my alley! But what makes Jayashree’s writing captivating is that the duo referred to in the name includes you, the reader. With each article, she struggles to make you feel like you’re right there on the road with her, as a travel companion.

Visit Jayashree’s travel blog

travel blogger eliza from digital travel guru


Blogger at Digital Travel Guru

Eliza has been traveling for about 30 years, covering around 40 countries. She started her travel blog to share her love for roaming the world, and her passion for writing and photography. On her travels, she likes meeting locals, experiencing culture and food, and going off the beaten track when she doesn’t opt for luxury travel.

Visit Eliza’s travel blog

travel blogger diana from diana healthy living


Blogger at Diana’s Healthy Living

Starting out as a health blogger, Diana is currently covering content on beauty, food, and travel. On her travel blog, Diana promotes a balanced lifestyle covering everything she may find inspirational in her everyday life.

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travelblogger caitlyn from the sightseeing cat


Blogger at With Caitlyn

At one point in her life, Caitlyn had to make a choice between going to a Tourism or a Cooking school. Luckily, she chose Tourism! However, on her travel blog, you can also find cooking recipes, plus lovely books and movie reviews.

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travel blogger diana from fly away goddess


Blogger at Fly Away Goddess

Diana is a mother, a bartender, and a traveler. She is currently writing about her trips and life in Europe, with the ups an downs of being a black female traveler. Her stories get real and personal, making them an interesting read.

Visit Diana’s travel blog

travel blogger melissa from she roams about


Blogger at She Roams About

Melissa loves remembering her old journeys and planning her future ones. She enjoys traveling with friends and family, but also on her own. Check her out for ideas on various products and services that can make your travels easier.

Visit She Roams About

travel blogger kemi from musings and adventures


Blogger at Musings & Adventures

Kemi describes herself as a Millenial and a New Yorker. She shares travel tips and tricks, together with information on sustainable travel and lifestyle musings.

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