Rozafa Castle Private Tour


Have an unforgettable experience with the Rozafa Castle private tour with a local guide and visit the museum to gain a better understanding of its history and surroundings. Discover the story of the woman buried alive inside the walls of the castle.

Rozafa Castle private tour highlights:

  • Visit one of the most prominent castles of the 4th century
  • Explore the museum of the castle for a better understanding of the Illyrian people
  • Learn about the myths and legends of the castle
  • Enjoy the panoramic view of the rivers Drini, Kiri, and Buna from the top of the castle
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Shkoder’s Rozafa Castle private tour

Go on our Rozafa Castle private tour to better understand its history and surroundings. Discover the legend of the woman buried alive in the walls of the castle

On your Rozafa Castle private tour, you will also visit the castle’s museum. It exhibits objects from the Hellenistic and byzantine ages up to World War I. When you stroll along the walls of Illyria from the 4th century, you can learn about the history and colorful myth of the lady who was buried alive within the walls of the fortress.

Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the breathtaking views of the confluence of the rivers Buna, Drini, and Kiri.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Shkoder and walked up the cobblestoned streets to the entrance to the castle to begin the Rozafa Castle private tour. Along the way, you will see fantastic views of Lake Skadar and the Lead Mosque. Once inside the castle, you’ll see the statue of Rozafa feeding her child from the walls. In fact, you can read more about people’s history and how various professions have survived.

The next stop is a museum that sheds light on every stone and ruin you’ve seen so far, giving answers to the questions you may have had on the trip. Start by soaking up the breathtaking views of Tarabosh Mountain and Shkodra Lake and enjoy some spare time to take pictures. And that is how your Rozafa Castle private tour will end.

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Rozafa Castle Private Tour
Rozafa Castle Private Tour