Koukaki District of Athens

After you visit the Acropolis Area, I suggest you explore a bit and discover all the things to do in Koukaki, another district of Athens.

It’s really close: take a walk on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street and go west when you exit from the Acropolis of Athens. You will be heading in its direction! There are several things to do in Koukaki district of Athens, as it is one of the oldest parts of the Greek capital. Read below to discover them.

Discover things to do in Koukaki

Here, you can admire 19th and 20th-century buildings. The oldest ones were the homes of important Greek personalities. The others were small family houses or apartment buildings, hotels, and museums. In-between, you will come across taverns with beautiful terraces, intimate cafes, and traditional bakeries with heavenly smells just inviting you in!

Have a taste of what to expect on your visit to the Koukaki district:

I do hope it will be warmer than in the video when you decide to visit!

Hike up Philopappos Hill

Philoppapos Hill is not only a beautiful green area in the city of Athens. And it’s not just a good place to hike to get a great view of the Acropolis and the entire Greek Capital.

Philopappos Hill is also worth a visit to see the prison of Socrates and to visit the Philopappos Monument. The Monument is the beautiful construction at the top of the Hill, which can be seen from all over the city of Athens.

Here’s a video covering all the things to do in Athens on Philopappos Hill:

Go out at night for more things to do in Koukaki

You can find a good choice of bars, restaurants, and traditional cafes in the two pedestrian areas of the Koukaki district: Geogaki Olympiou Street and Drakou Street.

Things to do in Koukaki’s vicinity

The Koukaki district is right next to Syngrou Avenue. This is one of the largest boulevards in the city of Athens. It gives you some good options of what to do after your visit to Koukaki: explore Syngrou-Fix or leave the city center and visit Piraeus and the coast of Athens.

If you choose to head out to Piraeus, you can take a tram from the Kosamouli station in the Koukaki district. In 27 minutes and for under €2.00, you’ll be in Piraeus, one of the most important harbor areas in all of history!