Things to do in Syngrou-Fix Athens

Close to both the Acropolis area and the Koukaki district, there is Drakou Street. This pedestrian street and its surroundings are the Syngrou-Fix neighborhood of the city of Athens. Or just Fix, as the locals call it. The things to do in Syngrou-Fix, Athens are more about having fun and mingling with the locals. But I do have an excellent museum suggestion to visit in this area.

The National Museum of Contemporary Art

Housed in the building of what previously used to be the Fix brewery, this is the only Greek national institution focused only on exhibiting and collecting contemporary Greek art and international art in the city of Athens.

Here’s the story of the National Museum of Contemporary Art:

things to do in syngrou fix eat greek food
Things to do in Syngrou-Fix: Try traditional Greek cuisine

Discover authentic Greek bars, restaurants, and bakeries

Syngrou-Fix and the Koukaki district have fewer tourists than the crowded Plaka, Monastiraki, and Thissio. This is why here you can have authentic Greek experiences. Another plus for us budget travelers is that the prices are lower here!

Together with Thissio, Fix is one of the foodie districts of Athens you shouldn’t skip. Go here to try the local cuisine in Greek restaurants, and to party like a local in the Greek bars. You can also come here for breakfast or for an afternoon snack to test out the bakeries!

things to do in syngrou fix drink ouzo
Things to do in Syngrou-Fix: Have some ouzo!

Have some ouzo!

Since we’re talking about Greek bars, have you tried ouzo yet? It’s one of the traditional drinks in Greece, so tasting it is one of the best things to do in Syngrou-Fix!

You can have it simple or with some ice. The ice not only makes it cooler, but also changes the flavor and it turns the ouzo from transparent to a milky white. It’s great to drink in the summer, as it’s very refreshing!

Similar drinks to ouzo are the French pastis or mastika. The latter is also available in Greece, but also in other countries in the Balkans, such as Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Romania.