Amsterdam, one of the most popular travel destinations for students

Traveling has always been one of the activities that not only helps people relax and enjoy days off but also provides a chance to see new places, dive into different cultures, expand their vision, and get unique experiences. The target destinations differ a lot because every person’s interests vary. Nonetheless, the desire to explore, expand, and conquer remains the same.

For the vast majority of college students traveling is a great chance to immerse themselves into a completely different world with its specifications and extraordinary features. Therefore, while planning their next vacations, learners get quite excited surfing the web and detecting the most appealing and interesting places to head to, such as visiting the best Amsterdam attractions for students.

It is impossible to deny that the number of countries and cities to visit is infinite, so the choice may be quite complicated. Nonetheless, what students should do is focus on the areas that feature the most interesting sights, rich history, and extraordinary culture. At this point, it is critical to mention that a successful trip requires lots of planning.

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Are you done with your college projects? Are you ready to enjoy the most fascinating and memorable time of the year? Now you need to select the most interesting destination to visit.

Depending on your goals and preferences, you can focus on various places. Some of them are perfect for “lazy” tours when you will only sunbathe and do nothing, while others offer active trips that are most suitable for those who love to explore. Traveling to Amsterdam seems to be a happy medium, which will provide you with an exclusive chance to see the world-known museums, visit famous universities, and relax in the magnificent parks.

Amsterdam is a city of diversity, artistic heritage, history, and culture. The place is exceptionally welcoming, so chances are you will feel comfortable no matter how long you want to stay in the place and what you prefer to do.

Top 10 must visit places in Amsterdam for students

Amsterdam is a city of diversity, so every tourist will find something extraordinary in the destination. No matter if you enjoy peaceful days off or you are in for a busy and lively vacation, Amsterdam will offer you both. Check out this comprehensive list of the most majestic, appealing, and stunning destinations that will contribute to your experience and will make it worth the time and money you spend.

vondelpark amsterdam attractions for students
Vondelpark, one of the best Amsterdam attractions for students

1. Vondelpark

This is the area you should start with if you plan a relaxed and entertaining day. Vondelpark is one of the biggest green areas in Amsterdam, and it expands over 120 acres. You will need a lot of time to explore every corner of the place, but the area will leave a positive impact on you. There are lots of interesting options in the park, such as an open-air theatre and cinema museum that will diversify your activities and add to the trip.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a delightful picnic surrounded by breathtaking nature.

2. Erasmuspark

Erasmuspark is another great park for those who enjoy barbeque, sports activities, and communication. The place is known for the pick-up sports games, Terrasmus, which is a small cafe in the area, and lots of spots for peaceful pastimes.

hortus botanicus amsterdam attractions for students
Hortus Botanicus, one of the best Amsterdam attractions for students

3. Hortus Botanicus

For a little more than €6, you will get an authentic chance to escape the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam life and relish over 6000 different plants. Are you excited by exotic tropical species? Do you want to walk around, relax, take lots of pictures, and improve your knowledge of Botanics? The Amsterdam Botanical Garden, which is also known as Hortus Botanicus, is the best option to consider.

It’s important to mention that Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest gardens in the world, which makes it a significant tourist attraction for students. Officially, it belongs to the local university, so the staff takes care of it.

4. The 9 Streets district

Have you heard about Amsterdam shopping centers? Visiting the 9 Streets district is the exact thing you need to do before you spend all your money here. This area is a true paradise for those who cannot imagine their lives without buying clothes, souvenirs, and little accessories that will remind them of the trip.

5. Ij-Hallen Market

People who are more excited about flea markets should consider going to Ij-Hallen Market, which is one of the biggest places in Europe. You will not only get your chance to purchase cheap items but will also relish an opportunity to interact with locals, learning about their culture and some peculiarities.

heineken brewery amsterdam attractions for college students
Heineken Brewery, one of the top Amsterdam attractions for college students

6. Heineken Brewery

Leaving Amsterdam without visiting a world-known Heineken Brewery should be illegal. It is a unique spot that will familiarize you with the history of the Heineken family and teach you to pour a pint and enjoy beer.

red light district amsterdam attractions for college students
The Red Light District, one of the top Amsterdam attractions for college students

7. Red Light District

Although there are lots of RLDs around Europe, the one in Amsterdam is surely the most popular one. Wandering around the neighborhood at night, you will see the most impressive options, like winding, cobblestone roads, red haze, and a lot of women dancing in windows, attracting tourists. Besides, it is indispensable to highlight the legal status of marijuana in Amsterdam, which means you can enhance your experiences on vacation. Nonetheless, make sure you buy sex and drug-related items in legal stores, otherwise, it may be dangerous.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam attractions for students
Rijksmuseum, one of the most captivating Amsterdam attractions for students

8. Rijksmuseum

If you love art, then Rijksmuseum should definitely be included in your tour bucket list. This museum belongs to a list of the 20 most visited and appreciated world museums, so you will surely find something special in the place. Remarkable works, a unique atmosphere, and tons of visitors will make the experience unforgettable.

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam attractions for students
Van Gogh Museum, one of the most interesting Amsterdam attractions for students

9. Van Gogh Museum

You have definitely heard of Vincent van Gogh, who is one of the most influential and world-known artists of the time. Traveling to Amsterdam, you should not miss a chance to gaze into his masterpieces. Head to Van Gogh Museum to enjoy every little detail of the famous Starry Night, Sunflowers, and other his other works. The place is a must-see for those who appreciate art and love everything related to it.

Nemo Museum Amsterdam attractions for students
Nemo Science Museum, one of the top recommended Amsterdam attractions for students

10. NEMO Science Museum

Apart from the cultural experience, students are frequently looking for a chance to dive into the scientific background. NEMO Science Museum is a unique place that will make your journey interesting, fascinating, and technology-oriented. The main peculiarity and advantage of the place is an opportunity to get engaged in certain exhibits and participate in scientific experiments. The ticket to the museum costs around €10 for students, but the memories and impressions you get there are 100% worth the price.

A treasure trove of Amsterdam attractions for students awaits!

Have you selected the places you want to visit in Amsterdam? Keep in mind that it isn’t a full list of attractions, sights, and activities to do in the city. Amsterdam is also known for the multitude of cozy little cafes and fancy restaurants with delicious desserts and sophisticated dishes. So don’t delay your trip and start planning your vacation, adding Amsterdam to your bucket list. Make sure you take advantage of SpeedyPaper writing help so that you do not have to worry about your academic success and you can fully immerse yourself into a memorable trip.

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