USC housing: where to find the best housing at the USC 2022

USC is located in an urban metropolis just a few miles south of downtown Los Angeles. The sheer vastness of LA can be overwhelming for the numerous out-of-state and international students attending the University of Southern California.

The university’s dorms, on the other hand, provide a secure and comfortable environment for students. The many buildings at USC have a variety of sizes, floor designs, and amenities, yet they all emphasize friendship. Housing at USC facilitates the development of long-term connections, which is an important component of the collegiate experience.

Finding the ideal USC housing is critical to making the most of your time in California’s most exciting city. USC dorms and off-campus housing are available and this article covers why and where you should live near USC.

Where to find the best housing at the USC

Where to find the best housing at the USC

When looking for USC accommodation, the first thing to think about is where your classes are on campus. Where you live is largely determined by the location of your classes and your major, especially if you don’t have access to a vehicle, bike, or skateboard.

There are many USC housing alternatives within walking distance of your classes, so you’ll never be late. You’ll be closer to all of your school events and meetings, as well as all of the wonderful pubs and restaurants off-campus. Compared to a residents hall, living in an off-campus apartment or house is far more convenient and uncomplicated.

Where should I live when going to USC?

Where should I live when going to USC
Dorms are the most popular option for freshmen looking for USC housing

USC dorms

Freshmen at USC are not required to live on campus, but the vast majority do. Freshmen are typically housed in residential colleges, which are staffed by faculty and resident assistants. However, some seats are reserved in two apartment buildings on campus.

Each residential college encourages students to continue their studies outside of the classroom, meet new people, and improve their leadership abilities by providing a variety of exceptional on- and off-campus activities, ranging from dinners with guest speakers to community service opportunities.

The USC University Park Campus is located only three miles away from Downtown Los Angeles ad it spans 229 acres. The campus features lots of green spaces, decorated with refreshing fountains and beautiful sculptures, among its buildings with both contemporary and classic architecture.

Birnkrant Residential College

Birnkrant, the smallest and probably the friendliest of the residential colleges, offers activities that acquaint students with the food, customs, and art of Los Angeles.

New North Residential College

New North is located near libraries, dining areas, and the McCarthy Quad. This USC residential college is known for its lively atmosphere and excellent support network that provides both personal and academic aid.

Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College

Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College allows students to be themselves freely in these areas. The USC Residential College links students to the nearby cultural attractions and events that take place on and off campus. It was designed to establish a location where students and professors may form a strong intellectual community focusing on the arts and humanities.

Parkside International Residential College

Parkside International Residential College acts similar to a campus hub for discussion on world issues. Living in Parkside will offer you the opportunity to engage in intellectual discussions, but also cultural and social exchanges with students from diverse backgrounds and interests in one of the most appealing places on campus.

South Residential College

Pardee Tower and Marks Tower are the two conventional residence halls at this residential college. Residents attend unique events focused on personal growth and also have access to excellent leadership programs.

West Residential College

Webb Tower, located on West Residential College, provides apartment accommodation for freshmen. This residential college is establishing wellness-based activities in close proximity to most of USC’s physical activity facilities, such as the Lyon Recreation Center. The Uytengsu Swim Stadium is also nearby.

McCarthy Honors Residential College

McCarthy, which is located in USC Village, provides a vibrant and upgraded living experience for Trustees and Presidential scholars in a suite-style living setting. This curriculum aims to motivate students to realize their greatest potential as agents of global change.

off campus housing at the USC
Off campus housing at the USC is a great alternative to USC dorms

Living off-campus in an apartment or a house

It’s a lot of fun to live off-campus near USC! You’ll finally have more room, more freedom to go around the neighborhood, and maybe even your own room.

Because you’re surrounded by neighbors, apartment complexes can be enjoyable and social. However, when you’re trying to study, it might become a loud and distracting environment.

A house, on the other hand, can be much quieter, giving you the peace of mind you need to learn for those difficult evaluations. In contrast to an apartment complex, you’ll have more space to interact in a home, and you won’t have to worry about bothering your neighbors.

Another significant advantage of owning a home is the availability of parking. Most properties also have enough parking spaces for visitors, so inviting your pals over to hang out will be a lot easier!

I strongly recommend looking for apartments for rent in Koreatown!

USC housing FAQs

Is USC housing good?

The university’s dorms offer a safe and comfortable home for students. USC buildings show a range of sizes, floor plans, and levels of comfort. All USC housing emphasizes camaraderie, and they help students foster long-lasting relationships, improving their college experience.

New/North is an extremely sociable party dorm with double and single rooms and shared restrooms. It’s somewhat noisy, but if you’re planning a rush or simply enjoy going out most days of the week, you’ll undoubtedly find your type of folks there.

Is housing guaranteed at USC?

USC housing is only guaranteed only for freshmen, leaving older students to fend for themselves in terms of leases and rents, lacking the knowledge and expertise required to make informed judgments.

Does USC cover off campus housing?

No, USC does not provide off-campus housing but does provide a housing facility for their students.

Can you live at USC village?

Upperclassmen who stay in USC Housing live in apartment-style buildings in the USC Village and surrounding areas. Juniors and seniors are not guaranteed USC housing. On-campus housing costs more than off-campus accommodation, but it comes with a lot more facilities and services.

Which USC housing is in the village?

McCarthy Honors Residential College, located in the USC Village, provides scholars with a vibrant and enriched living and learning experience in a suite-style living environment.

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